Avid VENUE | MADI Option Card


Integrate your Profile, D-Show, or Mix Rack System into any MADI environment. With the MADI Option Card, you can send up to 64 channels of audio from your Avid VENUE system to other MADI devices—and vice-versa. It’s an easy and reliable way to route a large number of audio channels to digital mixing consoles and mobile recording setups.

Install a single card in an FOH Rack or Mix Rack to send and receive up to 64 audio channels over MADI. Or install up to two MADI cards in an FOH Rack to send and receive up to 128 audio channels.


  • Fuss-free flexibility

    Forget complicated routing. All Stage inputs are automatically routed to MADI card outputs 1–48, creating a split that can be routed to any MADI device. Plus, you can assign another 16 channels, sourced from anywhere within the console, for a total of 64 audio channels.

  • Perfect for the long haul

    Transmit audio up to 2 kilometers away using fiber optic cable—or up to 100 meters over coaxial cable—without any signal loss. It’s ideal for outside broadcast applications, concert touring, and other “long haul” setups.

  • Get peace of mind

    Simplify your setup—and enable redundant connections—with automatic input signal detection and simultaneous optical and coaxial outputs. You can also verify and troubleshoot connections using the Signal Present and Optical Source LEDs.

System requirements

One of the following systems:
Avid VENUE | Profile System
Avid VENUE | D-Show System
Avid VENUE | Mix Rack System


Here are some practical applications for using the Avid VENUE | MADI Option Card.

Scenario 1: Sharing Stage inputs with one or more consoles

A single optical or coaxial cable is all you need to transmit up to 64 audio channels between Avid VENUE systems. This connection includes all 48 Stage inputs, plus 16 more audio channels of your choice.

You can employ this workflow with any combination of MADI-compatible Avid VENUE systems at the FOH and monitor positions, or with any other MADI-equipped mixing console. And if you’re using two Stage Racks in your setup, just add a second MADI card to send all 96 inputs, plus another 32 channels of your choice, for a total of 128 audio channels.

Scenario 2: Audio distribution in a permanent installation

Many concert halls, stadiums, and houses of worship have already made significant investments in MADI infrastructures to connect and route audio between facilities. With the MADI card, you can easily integrate your Avid VENUE system into these types of permanent installations.

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