IN 300 iNEWS System Administration


Suggested length: 5 days (40 hours)


A technical operations course aimed at IT/Engineering/News Operations support staff. The course covers iNEWS software and configuration, iNEWS database structure and design, user accounts and security, keyboard macros, printing, system maintenance, troubleshooting and system recovery.


This course is targeted at:

  • IT/Engineering/News Operations support staff


  • PC/IT skills consistent with a system support role
  • Experience operating the iNEWS client is preferred
  • Experience and understanding Linux OS preferred
  • An understanding of newsroom operations and requirements


At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand how iNEWS fits in the Avid newsroom solution
  • Use the System Console
  • Start and stop the server
  • Use the iNEWS Client
  • Perform User Account Management
  • Create the database structure and directory traits
  • Set up print forms
  • Create newscast production queues
  • Coordinate system files with the database
  • Configure the iNEWS system folder
  • Add New Devices, Control Air, Command and MOS
  • Configure rundowns to connect to broadcast control systems
  • Perform database maintenance
  • Recover a server failure
  • Troubleshoot device and database errors
  • Distribute stories inside and outside the database
  • Design the distribution of Wire Services
  • Configure Fast Text Searches
  • Remotely access the database
  • Troubleshoot issues using best practices
  • Maintain using procedures and a timetable