OG 100 Deko Basic Operations


Suggested length: 3 days


In this 3-day course you will learn essential skills for building Deko Graphics and playing them to air. You will also receive an introduction to the use of macros, including how to use the Motion Timeline Option to create motions or effects, how to setup a ClipDeko database, and how to import *.mov files using the ClipDeko option.


This course targets :

  • Deko operators


  • Windows competency and a basic understanding of video technology are recommended
  • On-air or production experience is ideal


At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Set Preferences
  • Create a Deko graphic
  • Use backgrounds and layers
  • Build graphic templates for automation
  • Build real-time and countdown clocks
  • Create efficient workflows using file associations
  • Apply On-air preproduction techniques
  • Create a playlist using sequences
  • Use and create tab layers
  • Configure the Deko for single or dual channel mode
  • Frame grab from incoming video or internal clips
  • Record Deko components as a clip
  • Use macros
  • Use the ClipDeko option
  • Create static mattes
  • Understand plan directory structures