Pro Tools 210P Post Production Techniques


24 to 30 hours


This course covers techniques for working with Pro Tools in a professional post production environment. Concepts and skills learned in Pro Tools 101, 110, and 201 are reinforced with practical post-specific examples. Access to the Pro Tools 210P certification exam requires that previous exams have been passed.



At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Synchronize Pro Tools for audio post using SYNC peripherals, loop sync, clock vs. positional reference, and frame set rates
  • Work with linear video in Pro Tools using Pro Tools 9-pin control , post production spot mode, timestamps, and region replacement
  • Work with non-linear video in Pro Tools using QuickTime video, Blackmagic card, Avid DNA, Pro Tools digital video, and non-linear video spotting
  • Import digital media into the Pro Tools timeline such as QuickTime video, Avid-compatible media, OMF/AAF (with DigiTranslator 2.0), and MXF media
  • Work with video tracks using video track features, video window options, editing options, and video universe window
  • Record dialog in Pro Tools using dialog and ADR workflow, track compositing, and playlist display options
  • Describe the role of a dialog editor and apply dialog editing techniques to manage dialog and ADR editing workflows, dialog syncing, adding room tone, and dialog clean-up
  • Organize your session by working with Digibase catalogs, creating sub-groups, and importing session data attributes
  • Use accurate mixing terminology as you mix to picture using large-scale mixing, session signal flow, plug-ins for post production, static (snapshot) automation writing, and trim automation
  • Set layback options using linear layback workflow, non-linear layback (export options), and web delivery or final evaluation export

Software Configuration

  • Pro Tools HD 8
  • EQ III
  • Dynamics III
  • MachineControl
  • DigiTranslatorTM 2.0
  • Synchro Arts VocALign (optional)
  • X-Form
  • Sonic NoNOISE
  • Maxim
  • SignalTools PhaseScope
  • Pro Tools MP3 Option

System Configurations

  • Pro Tools|HD 2 Accel
  • 192 I/O, 96 I/O, or 96i I/O
  • MIDI I/O or similar multi-port MIDI interface
  • C|24, D-Command, or D-Control

Avid Mojo SDI, Avid Mojo, or AVoption|V10