UN 302 Unity MediaNetwork Maintenance & Troubleshooting


Suggested length: 3 days


This course trains technicians who need to support, maintain, and troubleshoot Avid Unity MediaNetwork systems. The course combines lab work and exercises giving students practical experience in configuring systems and applying troubleshooting techniques.


This course targets:

  • System administrators
  • Front-line maintenance personnel
  • Engineers
  • Facility or freelance technicians responsible for large workgroup environments in a broadcast facility


  • Basic experience of Microsoft Windows systems, networking, and Avid workgroup topologies


At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe Avid Unity MediaNetwork components
  • Understand Metadata and file count
  • Configure 2Gb MediaNetwork workgroups
  • Configure 4Gb MediaNetwork workgroups
  • Perform hardware installation
  • Perform File Manager configuration and software install
  • Use LANshare EX
  • Set up and configure failover
  • Set up and configure a MediaNetwork workgroup
  • Perform Fibre client hardware and software installation
  • Install software for Ethernet attached clients
  • Troubleshoot