Venue 210V Live Sound Production


16 to 24 hours


This course focuses on the core skills required to operate a VENUE system in a professional live sound environment. It provides comprehensive, hands-on training on a VENUE D-Show or Profile control surface and covers system hardware and software configuration.


This course is designed for advanced students and working professionals (live sound engineers) who have fundamental knowledge and experience using a VENUE system.



At the end of this course, you will have an understanding of the following:

  • Expanded VENUE systems - including D-Show control surface expansion, installation of option cards in Stage Rack/FOH Rack configurations, installation of option cards in Mix Rack, VENUE connections, mix engine configurations, and installation of mix engine cards
  • Advanced console controls - including input section controls, control surface techniques, channel and parameter resets, and use of ECx for VENUE remote control
  • Advanced built-in and TDM processing concepts - including plug-in management (installing plug-ins manually, removing plug-ins, deleting uninstalled plug-ins), plug-in authorization and iLok account set up, DSP processing, use of plug-ins with direct outs, manual compensation for input delays, plug-in deactivation, and an understanding of VENUE's DSP processing architecture
  • Advanced mixing concepts - including group options, Simple and Expert modes, use of VCAs, an understanding of the solo bus, use of solo bus modes (AFL, PFL, and SIP), use of solo switch options, and solo safe enablement
  • Advanced monitor mixing workflows - including VENUE monitor mixing option overview, Personal Q (PQ) system set up and functionality, PQ hardware component recognition, PQ system configuration, PQ mix adjustment from a PQ controller, console calls from a PQ controller, A-Net Output (ANO) card use, output channel stereo linkage, output signal routing to the ANO card, ANO card testing, and use of the Events list to mute ANO card channels
  • Snapshots and Events - including Snapshot page overview (Snapshots list, command buttons, and scope controls), Snapshot controls on the control surface, use of the Snapshots list, Snapshot creation, recall and management, Snapshot modification and preview, other Snapshot operations (undoing commands, disabling and suspending Snapshots, adding MIDI messages and plug-in data to Snapshots), Events overview, Event definition, trigger definition, trigger edits, addition of Event actions, and Event testing
  • VENUE and Pro Tools|HD - including VENUE-to-Pro Tools connection overview, interface options, Pro Tools HD show recording, ProTools HD track play back (supplemental playback and virtual soundcheck), and use of Timecode to sync VENUE and Pro Tools

Software Configuration

  • D-Show 2.8.1
  • Bomb Factory BF76
  • D-Verb
  • Revibe
  • Fairchild 660/670
  • Focusrite D2
  • Smack!
  • Reverb One
  • Echo Farm
  • Eleven
  • Dynamics III
  • EQ III
  • Mod Delay II
  • Pitch
  • Signal Generator
  • SignalTools (PhaseScope only)
  • TimeAdjuster
  • Trim
  • Pro Tools HD 8

System Configuration

  • VENUE SC48, Mix Rack, Profile, or D-Show system*
  • FWx Card** (for Pro Tools LE connectivity) or HDx Card (for Pro Tools HD connectivity)
  • Pro Tools LE system (laptop or desktop) or Pro Tools|HD system (with a compatible VENUE system)

* Mix Rack, Profile, or D-Show systems are recommended for this course.  Some aspects of the 210V  course are not applicable to SC48, including expanded system configuration options, Variable Groups, PQ Mixers, and HDx functionality.
** FWx connectivity is included on VENUE SC48; no card required