OG 300 Deko Advanced Operations


Suggested length: 2 days


After a rapid review of essential skills, this course focuses on the many creative effect tools in the Motion Timeline Editor and Clip Editor.  You'll build motions with origin controls, local behaviors, auto-motions, easy Glows and Glints and 3D Model effects. You'll learn how to incorporate *.mov animation files as Clips or Powerclips with a simple workflow for getting graphics to air quickly with all the artistic movement and power of Deko.


This course targets:

  • Experienced CG operators or Deko art designers who aspire to reach the next level
  • Operators and designers who have upgraded to the FXDeko v.3.0 or Deko3000


  • Successful completion of OG100 Deko Basics
  • Minimum of six months Deko experience is required


At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Create crawls and credit rolls
  • Use text files for graphic content
  • Use essential shortcuts and skills for power users
  • Create a Cel animation for a Deko graphic
  • Create type text with special end elements
  • Use the SportsWare option to build graphics
  • Create text on a curve in a graphic
  • Perform Networking tasks
  • Prepare images for video
  • Create smart graphics for 4:3, 16:9 and HD formats
  • Describe HD and how it effects the graphics environment
  • Perform advanced motions and cutting edge effects
  • Perform advanced use of DekoClips in sequences and graphics