Pro Tools 310I ICON Mixing Techniques


Suggested length: 2 days


This course focuses on advanced ICON mixing techniques in both music and post-production environments. This course provides comprehensive, hands-on D-Control training, and is offered in several different training options, including expert-level certification. To attain expert-level ICON Mixer certification, you must complete the ICON training course and pass the optional hands-on certification exam offered at Avid headquarter locations and Avid Training Partner schools.


Prior to taking the Pro Tools ICON Mixer certification exam, students must have successfully completed the following courses and have acquired Pro Tools Worksurface Operator certification.

Software Configuration

  • Pro Tools® HD 8

System Configuration

  • ICON D-Control (certification) or D-Command (course completion)
  • D-Control Surround Panner or Surround Panner option for Pro Tools (D Command)
  • Pro Tools|HD® 3 Accel