Venue Rocks OzzFest

Live sound veteran and producer Greg Price has over 30 years of experience in sound production, including a dozen spent working with heavy metal’s “Prince of Darkness,” Ozzy Osbourne. Price is among the growing number of highly regarded engineers who’ve recently switched over to Digidesign®’s VENUE live sound environment. As the head engineer of the past 12 Ozzfest tours, Price integrated a VENUE D-Show® system into his arsenal for the latest tour to support as many as 21 bands at each event. The shift in workflow afforded by VENUE has also blurred the line between studio and stage technologies, enabling Price to create incredible symbiosis and continuity between what he does in the studio with Osbourne and what he does for him live.

The VENUE system’s easy integration with Pro Tools® and native implementation of TDM plug-ins were what sold Price initially on the system, but its burgeoning reputation for reliability, usability, and transparent sound quality were what really sealed the deal. “I have heard a lot of consoles in the last 30 years,” Price says. “This platform brings decades of audio evolution to one place. I would argue that this is the future of, and a new benchmark for, live audio production. Being able to record or play back actual performances with Pro Tools and then use that audio to program your mixing surface for the coming event—with little or no effort—is a watershed moment in our industry. This feature alone will change the way sound engineers manage their work, clients, and refine their talents for the future. This tool is a major paradigm shift.”

For Price, VENUE performance has been flawless since day one, and he credits the system’s universal appeal to its intuitiveness and versatility, which makes it an easy choice for touring. “The D-Show is stable, safe, and a good friend and partner on tour,” he says. “It’s very easy to use, has incredible depth, and will take you any place your imagination would like to go. It’s a joy to work with—and a great platform to teach new engineers on. On the Ozzfest, we see many sophomore engineers, and the D-Show helps them to become better at their craft while having fun doing it.”

Price also enjoys the Pro Tools integration that VENUE affords, making it easy for him to take all of his plug-in processing, EQ, and other settings from rehearsals with him on a USB key, and load them all into VENUE for live show use. “It’s just incredible,” he exclaims. “I can literally bring my rehearsal with me on a hard drive, in the form of performances recorded into Pro Tools, and very effectively use that in my set-up procedure. I can have a perfect show, move on to Moscow, do the same process, and have another perfect show. This is the new benchmark in our industry.”

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