MC 202 Documentary Editing Workflow with Avid Media Composer


Suggested length: 2 days


This two-day course is designed for Avid Media Composer editors who want to learn about specific workflow topics for documentary editing.  Using material and examples from a current documentary, the class addresses workflow, as well as advanced bin organization, script integration, scene construction, and useful effects.  Sessions include instructor-led demonstration, review of examples, and hands-on practice.


This course targets:

  • Editors who want to become proficient in editing documentaries



At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the documentary workflow
  • Perform advanced project management
  • Perform advanced bin organization
  • Use Script Integration and ScriptSyncTM
  • Perform story and scene construction
  • Apply visual effects to treat common challenges of documentary footage
  • Apply stylistic approaches to documentary film and video