OG 110 DekoCast Basic Operations


Suggested length: 3 days


In this 2-day course, learn the basic construction of a DekoCast scene and how to use DekoCast Central for playback to air. DekoCast enables users to add secondary elements of persistent objects, such as crawls, promos, clocks, credits, Cel Animations and moving clips, to the primary feed. This course consists of one day of basic Deko knowledge and two days of DekoCast.


This course targets:

  • Operators or Art designers who want to learn how to build scenes in DekoCast


  • Windows competency and a basic understanding of video technology are recommended
  • Knowledge of layer-based applications, such as Photoshop, and/or timeline-based applications, such as NLE or AfterEffects, is ideal
  • On-air or production experience is ideal


At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Create a scene in DekoCast
  • Create a text crawl or roll
  • Use text files to bind with Deko layers
  • Refresh data with a simple text file
  • Use multiple DVE's for engaging playback of graphics and text
  • Create squeezebacks
  • Create fool-proof actions for any operator to use on-the-air
  • Use Cel animations
  • Build promos such as "you're watching" and "up next"
  • Use clips in promos or as art elements
  • Use audio clips with other persistent objects
  • Apply the basics of building a graphic in Deko
  • Import images into Deko for use in DekoCast