Pro Tools 310P Advanced Post Production Techniques


24 to 30 hours


This course focuses on the advanced operation of Pro Tools in a professional post production environment. It  includes technical insights into both Pro Tools hardware and software.


This course is designed for end-users with intermediate Pro Tools post-production skills.


The following courses must be completed prior to beginning this course:


At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Configure Pro Tools
  • Troubleshoot a Pro Tools system
  • Use Tactile control of Pro Tools
  • Execute Post production recording techniques
  • Implement Network and collaboration workflows
  • Use Pro Tools with a Video Satellite
  • Execute Editing workflows
  • Understand Field recorder workflows and conforming
  • Implement Advanced routing and mixing
  • Use Mixing techniques in post production
  • Mix with Satellite Link
  • Use Advanced layback techniques

Software Configuration

The following software options are required for this course:

  • Pro Tools HD 8
  • DigiTest
  • PhaseScope
  • SurroundScope
  • DigiRack D-Verb
  • Structure
  • DigiRack Signal Generator
  • Eleven
  • D-FI Bundle (Lo-Fi, Sci-Fi, Recti-Fi, and Vari-Fi)
  • Bruno/Reso
  • X-Form
  • ReVibe
  • EQ III
  • Normalize
  • Impact
  • Maxim

System Configuration

The following system configuration is required for this course:

  • Pro Tools|HD 2 Accel
  • MIDI I/O or other multi-port MIDI interface
  • C|24, D-Command, or D-Control
  • 192 I/O, 96 I/O, or 96i I/O
  • PRE or other PRE-compatible microphone preamp
  • MIDI keyboard or other MIDI controller
  • Satellite Link option
  • Mojo/Mojo SDI
  • Video Satellite or Video Satellite LE