Media Composer | Nitris DX

When you edit high-profile films, TV shows, or commercials for a living, you need a system that gives you the speed, flexibility, and confidence to take on anything. By pairing Media Composer | Software with the high-performance Media Composer | Nitris DX analog/digital video interface, you can capture, edit, monitor, and output SD, HD, and stereoscopic 3D material faster and easier than anything else available.

Using Avid Intelligent Architecture, which squeezes the most performance out of your system, Media Composer tightly integrates Nitris DX video hardware with your host computer's CPU and GPU, giving you a single high-bandwidth effects engine that delivers without compromise—no matter what formats and codecs you use. And with onboard 10-bit Avid DNxHD encoding and decoding, you can edit HD projects with incredible beauty and speed—with real-time performance.

What's included:

Host connections

Video connections

Audio connections

Monitoring and sync

Onboard acceleration and support