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Pro Tools Plug-Ins

Name Description
X-Form X-Form™ represents the pinnacle of time compression/expansion and pitch-shifting technology.
Voce Bundle Voce Spin and Chorus/Vibrato Plug-ins
Virus Indigo World-class TDM Synthesizer Plug-in for Pro Tools
TL Utilities Professional metering, metronome, and instrument tuning for Pro Tools
TL EveryPhase Analog Phaser Effects for Pro Tools
TL Drum Rehab Drum Replacement for Pro Tools
TL Aggro Vintage analog FET compression for Pro Tools
Time Shift High-quality time stretching and pitch shifting for all Pro Tools® and Avid DNA ™ systems
Tel-Ray Variable Delay Space Age Technology In a Can
Synchronic Comprehensive Beat and Audio Manipulation Tool for Pro Tools
SurroundScope Multichannel Metering Plug-in
Strike Content Expansion The ultimate virtual drummer
Space Impulse Response Library Space Impulse Response Library
Space Ultimate Convolution Reverb for Pro Tools
SoundReplacer Drum Hit and Sound Replacement AudioSuite Plug-in
Sonic NoNOISE Powerful Noise Reduction/Audio Restoration Plug-in Suite
Smack! Foolproof Compressor and Limiter Plug-in for Pro Tools TDM Systems
Slightly Rude Compressor Custom Compressor Plug-in
SansAmp PSA-1 Tube Amp Simulator Plug-in
ReVibe Room Modeling Reverb
Reverb One World-Class Reverb Processing for TDM Systems
Reel Tape Suite Analog Tape Emulation Effects
Reel Tape Saturation Analog Tape Saturation Effect
Pultec Bundle Analog EQ Simulator Plug-ins
Moogerfooger Bundle Authentic analog emulations combining audio effects with vintage synth modules
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