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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

See how one of Hollywood’s top editing pros used Media Composer to edit the blockbuster film.


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Behind the Scenes with Gravity

Discover how the Gravity audio and video post teams used Avid workflows to transport audiences to a heightened reality.


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White Paper: Avid High-Res Workflows

Learn all about current and future Avid workflow solutions for high-res media production.

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Create the best stories possible

Video post professionals and facilities are facing unprecedented challenges. As projects continue to increase in size and complexity, it’s becoming more difficult to manage, access, and archive the massive amounts of media required. To leverage the best talent, it’s necessary to connect creative professionals in distributed workflow environments from wherever they may be. And there’s unrelenting pressure to create and deliver the high-quality content that today’s audiences demand—faster than ever.

Our Avid Everywhere vision for video post production solves these issues by providing integrated, cutting-edge solutions all built upon the Avid MediaCentral Platform—the industry’s most open and extensible platform. Our solutions enable you to streamline production, integrate workflows, and enhance collaboration, giving you the power and flexibility to create the best story possible.

Explore our video post production solutions

Explore our video post production solutions

Avid MediaCentral Platform

Provides all of the common underlying media services, connectivity, and orchestration capabilities that tightly integrate your production processes together into one cohesive media factory.

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Media Composer

The industry’s most trusted professional film and video editing software, providing the tools you need to work with SD, HD, 3D, and high-res media. 

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Interplay | Production

Manage and coordinate content creation, automate workflows, and empower contributors to complete projects faster.

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Streamline and accelerate media production with high-performance, scalable, shared media storage systems

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Tackle any project and tell a compelling story

Whether you’re creating a Hollywood blockbuster, scripted or unscripted television show, or high-profile commercial, today’s audiences expect an extremely high level of quality. To create content that will engage and entertain audiences, video post-production professionals need workflows that free them from technological complexity and help them spend more time in the creative zone.

The industry-trusted creative tools in the Avid Artist Suite provide the cutting-edge workflows you need to maximize your creativity, create without bounds, and tell a compelling story. Featuring software and hardware that integrate seamlessly, Avid’s proven and trusted creative tools speed up your workflow and take care of complex media tasks in the background for you, so you can take on any type of project with confidence.

Learn how the Avid Artist Suite addresses your needs:

+-Free yourself from time-consuming technical distractions

Featuring professional timesaving tools used and trusted by the industry, Media Composer enables you to automate media management tasks in the background, freeing up more time so you can focus on your story and deliver higher-quality content. You get the fastest file-based media workflows, ACE-certified tools, and the most trusted media management in the industry.

+-Extend collaboration everywhere via the cloud
In today’s video post-production industry, collaborating with professionals worldwide isn’t optional—it’s essential. With Media Composer | Cloud, you can extend real-time production everywhere, enabling editors to connect Media Composer remotely to Interplay | Production on your platform; access, edit, and share the same media; and collaborate with others as if they were all in the same facility. And by enabling team members to review and approve content remotely through the cloud, you can ensure that production never stops moving—regardless of proximity challenges.
+-Easily scale the number of editors on your team as needed

Production requirements can be hard to anticipate—they can change rapidly, often in the middle of a project. It’s crucial for video post professionals and facilities to leverage solutions that are easily scalable, so they can adapt quickly to changing demands and produce high-quality, timely media.

With our new Media Composer subscription and floating license offerings, you can scale your workgroup as needed—even at a moment’s notice. Simply add additional Media Composer seats on a month-to-month basis when production demands extra editors, or take advantage of floating licenses to dynamically deploy seats. And because Media Composer editors can collaborate both locally and remotely, you can extend your production beyond the walls of your facility. You’ll always have the flexibility and choice you need to best address your project requirements.

+-Accelerate high-res workflows
While the majority of programming in commercial media is still broadcast in HD, more and more content is being shot in 2K, 4K, and beyond. With the FrameFlex tools in Media Composer, you can acquire, manage, edit, and deliver high-res content with ease—natively. And because the software supports Avid Resolution Independence and the Avid DNxHR codec, you can work in any resolution—without limits—and with a wider range of resolutions to fit the task at hand, from lightweight proxies for maximum collaborative efficiency, to mastering resolutions for final delivery.
+-Capture, monitor, and accelerate your editing workflow

When you edit high-profile films, TV shows, or commercials for a living, you need a system that gives you the speed, flexibility, and confidence to take on anything. By pairing Media Composer with either an Artist | DNxIO or Media Composer | Nitris DX, you can capture, edit, monitor, and output digital and analog material faster and easier than any other hardware available.

Artist | DNxIO gives you the power, onboard conversion, and flexibility to accelerate SD, HD, 2D, 3D, 2K, 4K, and Ultra HD workflows—in any type of production environment—with real-time performance. Work with your existing Avid and/or third-party video and audio tools, or bundle the interface with Media Composer and benefit from additional efficiency advantages.

Media Composer | Nitris DX gives you a single high-bandwidth video engine that delivers without compromise to speed up analog and digital SD, HD, 2D, and 3D workflows. And with onboard Avid DNxHD encoding and decoding, you can edit HD projects with incredible quality and speed—with real-time performance.

+-Edit and perform tasks faster, with precision tactile control
When you’re in the creative zone, it’s essential to have an integrated hardware and software solution that provides the quickest, most intuitive, and fluid editing capabilities.

Artist Series control surfaces enable you to take deep hands-on control of your favorite video and audio software so you can speed up editing and mixing tasks.

These portable control surfaces can be connected together to form a single, custom slimline surface that easily fits into any setup, delivers great responsiveness, and gives you much more control than working with a mouse and keyboard alone.
  • Artist Color—Accelerate color grading with a professional-grade, compact surface
  • Artist Control—Accelerate audio/video editing and mixing with a 4-fader touchscreen control surface
  • Artist Mix—Accelerate audio mixing in audio/video software with an 8-fader control surface
  • Artist Transport—Edit and navigate projects quickly and precisely
+-Customize your system with the tools you need
Need advanced color, mastering, and finishing tools? Or want to create stunning visual effects, soundtracks, and titles? Or need a way to shorten the time it takes to go from news edit to on-air? Media Composer gives you the flexibility and versatility to customize your system with the options you need to get the job done.

Explore our video post production solutions

Media Composer

Acquire, manage, edit, and deliver SD, HD, and high-res media using the industry’s most trusted professional film and video editing software.

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Media Composer | Symphony Option

Add advanced and secondary color correction tools, mastering tools, and Boris Continuum Complete Lite for effects creation.

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Media Composer | Cloud

Connect Media Composer to Interplay | Production for real-time remote collaboration in a secure private cloud.

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Artist | DNxIO

Simplify and accelerate your entire HD, high-res, and Ultra HD workflow with a powerful, professional video I/O interface designed for high resolution.

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Media Composer | Nitris DX

Gain incredible speed and performance with a dual link HD I/O and monitoring interface that can connect to a variety of analog and digital equipment.

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Artist Series

Take deep hands-on control of your favorite EUCON-enabled audio and video software to speed up editing, color, and audio mixing tasks.

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Manage and share massive amounts of media

In recent years, the complexity, size, and resolution of projects have skyrocketed. Video professionals and post facilities must effectively manage, archive, and access increasingly larger volumes of media. To do so, you need advanced media management systems that enable you to ingest, store, access, and share content quickly and efficiently.

Avid Media Suite
media management solutions enable hundreds of content creators and contributors to work together seamlessly, sharing the same media assets facility-wide—or everywhere in the world—to turn around projects faster. Avid Media Suite solutions tightly integrate with Avid shared storage systems, as well as video editing and audio production solutions, for a completely optimized, end-to-end content creation workflow.

Learn how the Avid Media Suite addresses your needs:

+-Accelerate workflows and enhance collaboration

Interplay | Production manages and coordinates content creation, automates workflows, and empowers all contributors across the production and editorial ecosystem to easily work in parallel to complete projects faster. Running on the Avid MediaCentral Platform, Interplay | Production—in conjunction with MediaCentral | UX (formerly Interplay Central)—enables all contributors to access and edit projects and media using a desktop computer, laptop, or iOS device—at the facility or on the go. Tasks such as media movement, transcoding, and proxy generation are orchestrated in the background, while producers, editors, assistants, and reviewers around the world can find, arrange, edit, review, and annotate media—all while exchanging messages with embedded media for perfect collaboration.

+-Minimize the time from acquisition to edit
Transcoding media is a time-consuming, costly process. You need an ingest solution that minimizes the time between camera shoot to editing.

Media | Director works with Interplay | Production to orchestrate the entire process of ingesting media into production and nearline storage, enabling you to start editing without waiting for transcodes to complete. This powerful media ingest module works with all AMA (Avid Media Access) supported file-based media formats when connected to ISIS or third-party storage. Ideal for reality TV, broadcast news, and other productions that command high volumes of footage, Media | Director eliminates manual prep work, enabling you to accelerate project turnaround time, lower production costs, and streamline your workflow.
+-Find and access media fast-no matter where it's stored
Production is growing increasingly global, with volumes of media stored locally and remotely across multiple facilities. Editors in one facility often need to access material stored in another location.

Media | Index is a media search module that accelerates and extends file search across multiple Interplay | Production systems—regardless of where the media is stored. It removes the complexities normally associated with remote access, enabling teams to search for, preview, and move assets collaboratively, whether the media is located in your facility or spread across facilities around the world. Its optimized, high-performance engine improves efficiency, enabling you to pinpoint the material you need fast and gain more time to create a better story.
+-Customize your media management system for your specific needs
No two facilities are exactly alike—each has its own unique challenges and workflows. With Interplay | Production Services, you can add additional services to Interplay | Production to get the job done, including options for capturing, copying, moving, transcoding, distributing, and archiving media.
+-Deliver content efficiently across multiple platforms
Audiences are consuming media on more screens and devices than ever before, so it’s important for broadcasters and media organizations to use the best technology to distribute finished content to multiple platforms, quickly and efficiently. By connecting Media | Distribute (formerly Interplay Pulse) to your platform, you can automate and streamline publication to the web, mobile devices, and social channels, making multiplatform distribution faster and more intuitive than ever.

Explore our video post production solutions

Interplay | Production

Accelerate workflows, enhance collaboration, and complete projects faster with the industry’s leading production asset management solution.

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Media | Director

Orchestrates media parking, check-in, and transcoding, enabling you to start editing immediately and accelerate project turnaround.

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Media | Distribute (formerly Interplay Pulse)

Automate content distribution to web, mobile, and social media platforms through a single interface.

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Media | Index

Accelerates and extends file search across multiple Interplay | Production systems, so you can access assets everywhere.

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Get proven security, performance, and flexibility

To handle the massive increase of digital assets in today’s media-intensive environments, video post-production facilities need efficient, high-capacity storage solutions that streamline and accelerate the creation and production processes.

ISIS shared storage, part of the Avid Storage Suite, provide unparalleled system access, performance, and scalability, so your facility can enhance collaboration and operate more efficiently. ISIS systems tightly integrate with Avid asset management systems as well as video editing and audio production solutions for a completely optimized, end-to-end content creation workflow.

Learn how the Avid Storage Suite addresses your needs:

+-Easily share content with everyone on your team

ISIS shared storage systems provide unparalleled flexibility to handle today’s massive increase in digital assets. By enabling everyone on your team to access content at the same time, you can connect media professionals in distributed and complex workflow environments using a single integrated platform. Connect up to 24 contributors simultaneously with the entry-level ISIS | 1000, up to 90 contributors with ISIS | 5500, or up to 330 contributors with ISIS | 7500, and experience real-time media performance.

+-Scale capacity and workspaces as needed-on the fly
ISIS shared storage systems provide unparalleled performance and scalability to handle today’s massive increase in digital assets. With its efficient, linear bandwidth scaling, ISIS makes it easy to expand the system, while sustaining real-time performance. ISIS enables you to scale your workgroup, bandwidth, and capacity up or down—from 20 TB to 80 TB of raw storage with ISIS | 1000, from 16 TB to 768 TB of raw storage with ISIS | 5500, or from 16 TB to 1.53 PB of raw storage with ISIS | 7500—to accommodate project changes, quickly and easily. You can even scale workspaces with ISIS | 5500 and ISIS | 7500 while contributors continue working—no need to take the system offline.
+-Get real-time, collaborative high-res workflows

More productions are shooting with 2K and 4K cameras, and facilities need a powerful storage system that supports these workflows. ISIS shared storage systems now support 4K and Ultra HD, providing real-time, collaborative editorial workflows with many third-party applications, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Autodesk Smoke, Apple Final Cut Pro X, and Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve. You get support for all of the latest high-res media formats, including REDCODE 5K, 4K DCI (DPX), ProRes, XAVC, and Sony F55 RAW 4K.

+-Speed your workflow with connected nearline storage
In order to access your media assets quickly, you need a cost-effective storage solution that augments your active real-time production storage. ISIS | 2500 is a disk-based nearline storage solution that enables you to enhance your existing workflows and work more effectively in a fast-paced, media-intensive environment. Working in concert with online storage, ISIS | 2500 is ideal for storing proxy resolutions and facilitating rough cut editing. It can also be used as a platform for restoring assets from archive and as a pre-staging area for media related to upcoming events or accessing seasonal content. Enabling feed and file-based ingest, ISIS | 2500 provides a high-capacity, cost-effective solution for housing media before it’s moved to online storage for production or into archive.

Explore our video post production solutions

ISIS | 7500

Get the highest performance, scalability, redundancy, and online storage capacity for broadcast and enterprise environments.

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ISIS | 5500

Get high performance in more scalable online storage for small- to mid-size broadcast, post, and rental companies.

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ISIS | 2500

Add reliable, highly scalable nearline storage for post and broadcast applications in a cost-effective, high-capacity solution.

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ISIS | 1000

Get high performance and reliability in more affordable online storage for creative pros and smaller production houses.

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Streamline disparate workflows with the Avid MediaCentral Platform

As the new media value chain continues to evolve, so do the needs of video post professionals. However, most current technology solutions on the market involve piecing together products from multiple vendors, leading to questionable compatibility and an unproductive workflow.

The Avid MediaCentral Platform changes that, providing all of the common underlying media services, connectivity, and orchestration capabilities that tightly integrate your production processes together into one cohesive media factory. It connects Avid and other vendors together to streamline and standardize your entire workflow—from content creation to media monetization—all from a single, proven technology leader focused exclusively on addressing the needs of media professionals.

Learn how the Avid MediaCentral Platform addresses your needs:

+-Access projects everywhere, from any device

Whether you’re on a Mac or Windows workstation in the studio, a laptop in the field, or an iPad waiting for your flight, you can get full access to your media and projects everywhere you go.

MediaCentral | UX (formerly Interplay Central) is a cloud-based front-end interface for the Avid MediaCentral Platform, designed for use on web and mobile platforms. MediaCentral | UX provides a unified experience, enabling you to work however, wherever, and whenever you want.

MediaCentral | UX currently works with Interplay | Production and iNEWS, with support for third-party expansion coming soon, enabling producers, editors, assistants, loggers, and other team members to contribute to the creative process—without having to be in the facility. You can search for and play back clips, log and create sequences, drop markers, make notes, send messages to other team members, collaborate and edit projects everywhere, monitor and mix audio, and more.

Explore our video post production solutions

Avid MediaCentral Platform

Streamline and standardize your entire workflow from content creation to media monetization with the Avid MediaCentral Platform.

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MediaCentral | UX (formerly Interplay Central)

Cloud-based front-end interface for the MediaCentral Platform that enables you to work however, wherever, and whenever you want.

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