20,000 US primary school students get Groovy

Back to school means just as much preparation time for teachers as it does for students. A group of Green Bay area music teachers are getting tuned up for their students.

Dozens of elementary teachers got training on a new program designed to inspire young composers. FOX 11's Cameron Clark has a look at a new way of teaching age-old practices.

Sibelius Groovy Music is a series of three programs which make teaching music to primary children easy and fun. Supporting teachers with plenty of clear and well-written materials, they are designed to satisfy UK standards for music & ICT.

Children compose great tunes in fun landscapesEach of the three Groovy Music programs is designed to be used by a different age group, with more complex musical ideas being explored as children progress through the series. Each program has its own 'theme', with exciting and engaging graphics to appeal to the age group for which it’s designed.