Avid Applauds Sound Mixing Team of American Gangster

Hollywood's Latest Blockbuster Mixed at Todd-AO West on a System 5

Avid congratulates the award winning sound re-recording team of Michael Minkler and Bob Beemer on the release of the much anticipated crime-thriller American Gangster. The sound for this epic film, based on the life of drug-kingpin-turned-informant, Frank Lucas, played by Denzel Washington, was mixed by Minkler and Beemer on the System 5 dual-operator film console at Todd-AO West's Lantana Stage 1, in Santa Monica, California. This System 5 has 80 faders with over 300 channels and is fitted with two film-style monitoring panels including pec-direct switches and joysticks.

The score, under the direction of German-born film composer, Marc Streitenfeld, who used an 80-piece orchestra recorded in sections as well as acoustic pre-records, performed by Streitenfeld himself, was also mixed at Todd-AO West, on their Lantana Stage 4, using a System 5, by renowned British Score Recorder and Mixer Peter Cobbin.

The film is already receiving Oscar® buzz. For six years running, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has nominated a film dubbing team that mixed on a System 5 digital audio console, for the Sound Mixing Oscar®. Minkler, a three-time Academy Award® winner, and Beemer a four time winner, most recently took home the coveted 2006 Sound Mixing award for their collaborative work on Dreamgirls, another blockbuster feature film mixed on the System 5 at Todd-AO West.

After winning the 2006 Academy Award® for Best Achievement in Sound Mixing for Dreamgirls, Minkler explained how well the System 5 worked for him, "Thankfully, Avid provides the flexibility we wanted to make the system work for us — not the other way around. We were able to focus on the art of the film, the delicate blend of sound elements, and not the technology."

Streitenfeld has built a considerable resume as well. First working for composer and long time Avid customer Hans Zimmer as his assistant, then as a freelance music editor and music supervisor on numerous blockbusters, Streitenfeld was nominated for a Golden Reel Award for his work on Ridley Scott's Kingdom of Heaven.