Angel Studios Gets First DF66 DSP SuperCore Upgrade in Europe

Angel Studios' Studio 2, has been busier than ever over the last twelve months thanks largely to the System 5 console attracting a wide variety of new projects. To further improve the appeal of the facility, increased investment has seen the studio undergo a major upgrade to the latest generation DF66 DSP SuperCore, the first to be installed in Europe.

The new upgrade, comprising of a 5 card DF66 engine, more than doubles the current channel count to 168 fully resourced channels, with 48 Groups, 16 Mix busses and 24 Auxes and allows the console to work seamlessly at 96kHz. It also significantly increases the I/O capability up to 20 MADI inputs and outputs (1,280x1,280 signal paths), all from a compact 4RU chassis, replacing 13RU of the original system.

Angel senior engineer Steve Price said of the upgraded console: "With the ever increasing demands made during recording and mixing, the facilities and the ease of use that the Avid now provides are second to none"

With a wealth of new features such as buss processing, increased delay per channel and a platform for the renowned EuCon control of DAWs, the upgrade is a very powerful and flexible DSP solution that can be scaled up to meet any task, both in the broadcast and audio post world.

Sales Manager Mark Hosking stated "I'm pleased that the introduction of the System 5 at Angel has been such a success proving that large format digital consoles have a place in the still analogue dominated music market. This is the first DF66 upgrade in Europe and its great to see that studio 2 continues to work as furiously as ever".