Belgian's Studio L'Equipe Upgrades Avid

System 5 Undergoes Complete Upgrade to Satisfy Industry Demand for New Studio

Brussels-based Studio L’Equipe, one of Belgium’s leading post production facilities have opened a second facility in nearby Bierges. As part of the expansion Studio L’Equipe have relocated their System 5 digital audio mixing system to the new facility and carried out significant console upgrades to satisfy even the most demanding audio post projects.

The opening of the new facility and the upgrade to the System 5 console, which was originally installed in 2002, was to satisfy the ever-growing demands from clients as well as the industry-at-large. Before re-installing the 64-fader System 5, the console underwent a full surface upgrade to Avid's very latest touch sensitive channel modules with hi-res TFTs. Additionally Studio L’Equipe upgraded to the new Euphonix DF70 DSP SuperCore becoming the first European installation of the new processor engine. The DF70 will provide more than 400 fully resourced channels with up to 64 mix busses at 48kHz.

Dubbed, Studio L’Equipe Wallonie, this new sister company is located in the Brabant Wallon region, just a few miles from Brussels and Wavre and features a new Dolby Digital theatre. The film audio post house will service the fledgling film industry in the Walloon Region with Wallimage acting as co-producers for full-length feature films that use Walloon talent and technicians, during either production or post production. Bookings for the main mix theatre are already solid well into 2010 with La Prima Linea (The First Line) by Renato de Maria having the illustrious honor of being the first film to be mixed in the new room.

“Growing business demands meant we had to serve the local Walloon region better and hence the new facility. The modularity of the System 5 meant that the relocation and the upgrade were very easy to do with the aid of both Avid and our local agent Puretec, who have been extremely helpful,” explained Guillaume Berg, Technical Director at Studio L’Equipe.

A client since 2002, Studio L’Equipe in Brussels is home to a second Euphonix, a System 5-MC, for ADR and Foley work. Based on the Euphonix System 5 control surface design and the innovative Euphonix MC Pro, the System 5-MC tightly integrates with DAWs such as Pro Tools, Nuendo, Logic Pro, Digital Performer and Pyramix using the EuCon™ Ethernet control protocol making it the ideal for audio post production.