Performance Artist, Musician, Remix Engineer
Hollywood, California USA

Rabbit in the Moon

Bunny is best known as frontman for the legendary electronic group, Rabbit in the Moon. Collaborating with David Christophere, the creative musical force behind RITM, the dynamic duo have remixed countless tracks for everyone from Goldie to Sarah McLachlan. Bunny most recently completed the audiovisual intro and outro for Paul Oakenfold’s new Planet Perfecto show in Vegas.

Artist Series Changes the Way I Work

The way I work in my studio is completely different since I brought in the Artist Series. I was always a mouse guy, but being able to be hands-on with the Artist Mix and Artist Control has freed me up completely. There is no comparison between clicking a mouse and having a hands-on controller like the Artist Series. I work faster and the workflow is slicker - the touch and the feel are totally conducive to creativity.

Fast & Intuitive

Right out of the box the Artist Series was so cool, the pre assigned buttons for cutting tools and erase makes everything a lot faster than clicking a mouse through a menu! It’s fast and intuitive. Things like using the scroll wheel in Logic for zooming, scrolling, jog, shuttle and editing functions makes composing, editing and mixing flow better. It was completely tedious on the mouse trying to click on the right spot to scroll and zoom but now I use the play and stop transport keys on the Artist Control and it just makes my life easier.

EuCon Connects to Logic Pro, Nuendo & Final Cut Pro

The Avid controllers are now the centerpiece of my studio. Because of EuCon, it’s the only gear I need for Logic, Nuendo and Final Cut. I can switch between any app that I am using at the time just by pushing a button. When David and I mixed our last album, Decade,on a large format System 5, it was awesome and got us hooked. When I am working on the Artist Series, I get the feeling that I am mixing on a huge $200,000 mixing console but it’s all on a compact little module that fits in my backpack.

Changing The way I Work

As an audio and visual artist I am always trying to find new and interesting ways to perform and communicate to my audience, and using the technology of the Artist Series has given me a whole new perspective on how I can do this. The Artist Series’ clean simple design, ease-of-use and ability to switch between multiple–applications in a LIVE VENUE has me rethinking what I could possibly do in my next Rabbit show. I assure you this is just the next level of Rabbit mayhem.