Carmen Rizzo

Producer, Mixer, Recording Artist, DJ
Hollywood, CA USA

Mixing On The Go

Carmen Rizzo has always enjoyed a rich, frenzied, eclectic career. The two-time Grammy™ nominated producer-mixer-programmer, has produced and engineered for music superstars such as Alanis Morissette, Coldplay, and KD Lang; written music for Seal and Paul Oakenfold; composed music for TV, film and video games; and is a founding member of the popular electonica group Niyaz, whose music can be heard on the upcoming season of HBO’s wildly successful series True Blood. In addition to all this, he has also found time to record four of his own solo albums; work steadily as a popular guest DJ in the club scene, and air a monthly radio show on New York's WNYE 91.5 FM.

With this kind of schedule Rizzo needed a versatile –and portable- studio system that was easy to set up, easy to use and easy to transport. After doing some research and exploring all available options in the marketplace, Rizzo chose the Artist Series because it fit all of his needs in one complete package.

Customizing the Mix

I just finished up a Huun Huur Tu/Carmen Rizzo album called Eternal where, when I had to work from home, I was able to use the Artist Mix on a small set up. I really enjoyed the experience. There are a few things about the Artist Mix that really stand out. The controller’s touch screen makes it easy and quick to just visually see what you want to do on one screen and do it; and most of all, how you can customize the jog/shuttle wheel to do all different commands, that feature really comes in handy!!

Thinking With Your Hands

The software is very user friendly, and actually allows you to make it work for your needs. This is very important, because when you’re in a DAW, you want to forget the software part and only think hardware. The MC Mix allows you to think with your hands not always your eyes.

With so many projects going on at once, the Artist Mix allows me to use Pro Tools without a handicap. I use it mainly with my laptop and when I travel. To me, using any DAW with a mouse puts you at a disadvantage; the Artist gives me the versatility I need.

On The Move with the MC Mix

Since I’m constantly on the go and seem to always have a project deadline looming, portability of gear is very important to me. I have a Gator bag that it fits my Artist Mix like a glove, one side the Artist Mix, one side a laptop. Audio gear is notoriously fragile, but I was surprised by its overall durability and just how easy it is to set up.