Centre National de l'Audiovisuel, Luxembourg

Multi-functional Hybrid System 5 Offers All-In-One Solution for Arts Center

Palo Alto, May 17th 2008

Avid, a world leader in large-format mixing consoles and control surfaces, announced today the Centre National de l'Audiovisuel (CNA) of Luxembourg has installed a 24-fader System 5-BP digital audio mixing system with EuCon Hybrid for DAW control, in its state-of-the-art cultural center.

An arm of the Ministry of Culture, CNA is dedicated to preserving the art and heritage of Luxembourg. The facility not only archives relevant film, video, photography and audio but also produces film documentaries and restores film and audio based on the archived materials. CNA is also able to nationally broadcast live music programs from its concert hall and cultural programs when the Avid is linked to an outside OB truck.

 We were looking for a user-friendly creative multi-functional console that would work for live broadcast, film/video post production and music recording/mixing

Philippe Mergen, CNA's Head of Audio

"For our live broadcasts, the audio studio is connected to a full HD multi-camera television studio and a concert hall. Audio signals from these two venues feed into the recording studio and can be routed to a physical patch outside the building, for OB van connections," further explained Mergen. "The Avid system gives us flexible and simple routing possibilities, DSP channels, different mix format outputs, and all the necessary possibilities for live applications."

"When working in film and video post-production, we use Nuendo DAW's and mix on a remote control surface. The EuCon protocol is far superior for DAW control than any other protocol out there," said Mergen. "That studio is also linked to our two THX Dolby Digital and DTS 35mm and HD Video movie theaters. The System 5 allows us to integrate all our digital and analogue outboard gear. That way we can mix in the studio and listen to the mix in one or both movie theaters, in linear PCM and in Dolby Digital."

"With the EuCon Hybrid option it feels like we have a mixing desk with an enormous number of audio channels, at a cost effective price point – add another DAW and we add an extra 100 channels!