David Isaac

Producer, Artist, Mix Engineer, Studio Owner: Titan Music and Film Works
Downey, CA USA  

A Musical Titan in the World of R&B

Producer, mix engineer, and artist David Isaac is the epitome of R & B music. Growing up in Detroit during the heyday of Motown helped David to hone his craft. While working in the Motor City, David collaborated with superstars such as Anita Baker, Aretha Franklin, and Barry White. After moving to Los Angeles, he continued to build on his resume with artists like Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston. Eventually David paired with bass legend and producer, Marcus Miller to produce and engineer R&B and Jazz music extensively. To date, David has earned three Grammy Awards and has many more nominations.

A Big Step In a Small Footprint

Today David splits his time in commercial studios with large format mixing consoles and his home studio, appropriately called "Titan Music and Film Works" where he works exclusively on the new Euphonix Artist Series. “I love working on the Artist Series, it has the feel of a large console yet fits between my keyboard and my monitor,” explains David. “It has all the power and capabilities that I am used to and it's easy and comfortable to use.”

"I write music in Logic Pro 8 and Reason 4, and I go back and forth from Logic 8 to Pro Tools when mixing. Literally, I mix on both usually. What's great about the about  Artist Series is its EuCon control protocol which lets me take advantage of what both apps provide with a simple push of a button."

A Better Mouse Trap

“When I work at home, my primary goal is to know that I have the power of a major studio. I need my setup to be designed for what is logical for me with economy on motion. The Artist Mix and Artist Control allow me to have complete control over my setup, and also allow me to take a break from using the mouse.”

“The two units are lightweight and compact so I can take them wherever I go which is another plus. All I need is my drives, interface, and the Artist Series and I’m good to go anywhere!"