M7 Martino

Music Producer, Composer and Performer
Berlin, Germany

The Hottest Connection to the International Music Scene

M7 Martino’s high-energy electro-pop rock is a dance club staple in both the European and American markets. Fresh off a three-city video shoot for his new hit album, Supercharged, Martin Dorn a.k.a M7 MARTINO, is returning to his studio to work on his next project. As one of the world's top electro-pop music producers and performers, M7 demands only the best state-of-the-art equipment in his tech-savvy studio. The Artist Series epitomizes everything he needs.

First Impression of a Perfect Match

I am so impressed by the quality and the design of the Artist Mix. It is a perfect match with Logic Pro and I just love it! I always want my studio to look hi-tech and cool and this Avid gear fits in perfectly. It looks great, works great and is smart software integrated. As a producer and composer, the MC Mix frees me from the tedium of working with a keyboard and mouse and allows me to bring more emotion into my music instead of concentrating on "non-smart" gear.

Taking complete control of Logic

When I got my hands on the Artist Mix, I thought, "finally an open and creative minded, music making product."I instantly loved the concept and design. With the Artist Mix I now have control over my mixdowns, my plug-ins and the way I arrange in Logic Pro. It’s a very elegant, symbiotic solution. Before I got my Artist Mix, I worked on two Mackie Controllers, after getting my Artist's, I gave those units away!

The MC Mix on the Road

As an international artist I am always travelling and have to take my work with me. The Artist Mix is the perfect studio "in a box" when I am on the road. In the last nine months I have been from Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Seattle, New York, San Francisco, and Miami, to Vancouver, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Rome and Frankfurt and my Artist Mix has been with me all the way. It’s seen more skylines and hotel suites then most tourists will see in a lifetime. And it's still looks 5 star plus.

The Future of the Artist Series

I know Avid recently announced that the Artist Series is now controlling Final Cut Pro, and I can’t think of a better application. It just seems like the natural evolution of this product. The Artist Series as a video editor will be the perfect tool for me as I start to incorporate more video into my music production. This one piece of gear will be able to provide me with a complete system to create, produce, and thrive.