Michael Fentum

Sound Effects Editor
Soho, London United Kingdom

Editing & Mixing Bangs, Thumps, Wind and Footsteps

Mike Fentum is a sound effects editor based in London's Soho post-production district working on feature films. Always a fan of music, Michael started out in the business by doing a Sound Engineering course in Birmingham. His first temporary work experience was at Shepperton which inspired him to get a runner job at Hackenbacker (Soho based post house specialising in high end TV drama and features). He worked his way up at Hackenbacker and eventually went freelance specializing in sound effects editing on Pro Tools.

Artist Mix and Pro Tools

We are pretty much exclusively Pro Tools. I’m really using the Artist Mix for levels and then reverb sends when we are temping. It’s a very neat footprint and great to be able to do more than one thing at once.

The Faders

The faders feel great, I used to edit and mix kids animation and really enjoyed having everything (both editing and mixing) right in front of me, and having the Artist Mix feels like I have that flexibility again.  Its a different way of working when you can grab multiple faders and enjoy it a bit!  Drawing volume graphs with a mouse can get a little tedious.

Creative Tools for the Editor

The Artist Series range is a great set of tools for people like me as it feels like we’re bringing editing and mixing a little bit closer.

Balance Between Editing & Mixing

One of the things I really like about the way editing is going is that beyond the basic tracklay we are now able to balance stuff in the box much closer to how we really want it to sound.  We can now present the mixers on the dub stage with a much more sophisticated project making sure their time isn't wasted getting many of the basics done and allowing them (and us) to get into a greater detailed pre dub in a shorter period in the theatre. The ability to get far more involved in the pre-dub really means the sound editors role is moving away from that of just sync and tracklay and into helping to better the final sound. Without this kind of activity outside of the main theatre the mix would be substantially longer.