NYC's Berwyn Editorial Unveils Two Avid Audio Suites

EuCon Protocol Offers Seamless Control of Multiple Software Applications

Berwyn Audio, a division of New York's Berwyn Editorial and one of New York’s premier post-production facilities, has installed a Euphonix S5 Fusion digital audio mixing system as well as two MC Pro DAW controllers in their Soho-based facility.

A S5 Fusion digital audio mixing system fitted with an MC Pro media controller with a was installed in Studio A, the main audio suite, while a single MC Pro was installed in Studio B, a smaller audio project suite. For Berwyn, the MC Pro workstation control surfaces as well as the S5 Fusion will tightly integrate and seamlessly control Pro Tools, Logic 8 and Nuendo thanks to EuCon, Avid’s proprietary high-speed Ethernet control protocol.

“Although primarily working in Pro Tools, we did not want to be forced into only working within one platform – the S5 Fusion and MC Pro’s ability to control any media application is a big plus for us. With Avid's proven technology, we knew we would have the ability to handle whatever type of business comes to us” explained Eric Thompson, mixer and sound designer at Berwyn. “That advantage, coupled with the expandability of the S5 Fusion, made the console the perfect solution for us, now and into the future.”

“With an MC Pro in each of our audio suites, we can easily bounce projects from room to room without interrupting our workflow. No matter what application we are working with that particular day, we can count on Avid to get the job done,” continued Thompson.

The S5 Fusion/MC Pro is a unique combination of Avid gear. The S5 Fusion is a complete digital audio mixing system including a new SP663 DSP card for higher channel counts and a wider range of control surface options, while the MC Pro is a dedicated DAW controller. When integrated, as Berwyn has done, you get the best of both worlds – a full digital mixing console which includes its own DAW control, with the bonus of MC Pro’s dedicated DAW control facility including 56 programmable SmartSwitches for fast access to the DAWs most used functions.

Berwyn enjoys many and varied high-profile clients such as Dos Equis, Jaguar, and Marriott. The first project for the newly equipped Euphonix audio suite was a campaign for Jaguar mixed in 5.1