Omation Put Designs On Avid

SoCal Animation Studio Upgrades to Euphonix System 5 MC for Greater Flexibility and Power

Southern California-based Omation Animation Studio recently upgraded their standalone MC Pro to a 32-fader System 5-MC console controlling Steinberg’s Nuendo DAW.

Omation, the animated division O Entertainment best known for their successful series, Back at the Barnyard on Nickelodeon, and located in San Juan Capistrano, upgraded to the Avid console to mix the new animated series Planet Sheen, a spin-off of Omation’s wildly popular Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius.

The System 5-MC pairs the MC Pro and with System 5 channel strip modules to create the most powerful and elegant DAW mixing and editing controller available today. The System 5-MC features the System 5 channel strips, with moving faders, 8 touch-sensitive knobs and the high-res touch screens. The whole surface connects to multiple workstations via Ethernet using EuCon™ control protocol. Through EuCon, users can control any DAW application such as Pro Tools, Nuendo, Logic Pro, Digital Performer, Sonar and Pyramix.

Omation Sound Mixer Greg Cathcart explained why the flexibility of the Avid console was key in their decision to upgrade to the System 5-MC. “We already had the MC Pro in place, but we needed more mixing power, so it made sense to build on our Avid core,” he explained. “I love the console, its recallability and ease of work flow has literally shaved hours off my workload. Now with the addition of the 32 channels of faders, we get an enormous amount of flexibility for recording and mixing, so the audio can become even more complex and sophisticated.”

“Sound Design for animation is unique in that every sound needs to be created from scratch because there is no production sound. It’s an open a palette. For instance, what does a bird on Planet Sheen sound like? That’s up to me to decide,” further explained Cathcart. “The Avid makes that decision easier because the console allows me to assign faders and channels that work best for me while never having to leave the sweet spot."