Pro Tools|HD and ICON at the Village Recorder

Legendary Music Production Studio, the Village Recorder, Reports Growing Demand for Digidesign ICON.

Nearly two years after installing one of the first Avid ICON integrated consoles into its facility—a 32-fader D-Control™—The Village Recorder’s Studio F has become one of the busiest rooms in southern California. Demand for the ICON has grown at a steady pace, with the studio playing host to a diverse list of music projects that includes Walter Becker, the Dixie Chicks, Matt Dusk, Ben Harper, Jennifer Hudson, Janet Jackson, Jewel, Alanis Morissette, Nelly, Bonnie Raitt, Papa Roach, Jessica Simpson, Donna Summer, and Lucinda Williams.

Studio F also uses the ICON to mix TV projects, including Gilmore Girls, Entourage, and Lucky Louie, as well as a wide range of DVD commentaries and other projects that keep the room humming day in and day out.

One of the first major independent recording studios, The Village Recorder was founded by musician and entrepreneur Geordie Hormel in the late 1960s. Hormel’s reputation as a forward-thinking visionary established The Village as a leader in technological innovation—a standing it maintains to this day. It was the first American studio to go 24-track, and was one of the earliest adopters of digital recording technology.

“Village Recorder’s relationship with Digidesign dates back to the very early days of digital recording, and we’ve long relied on Pro Tools as an intrinsic part of our work,” says The Village CEO Jeff Greenberg. He also points out that The Village was one of the first studios to set up a FiberShare network to share files across multiple rooms—and being one of the first to embrace the ICON console.

“The ICON was an obvious choice for us,” he says. “It offers seamless integration with the room’s Pro Tools|HD® 3 system. Even prior to our officially announcing it, we began hearing from engineers interested in working on the ICON. And since installing it, the room has been booked solid. Feedback from clients has been overwhelmingly positive. It sounds great, and it’s really had a profound impact on the mixing environment.”

“Working with the ICON gives me a depth of control with Pro Tools® that far surpasses working with a traditional console,” remarks independent engineer Brian Scheuble, whose credits include such talent as Fiona Apple, Sheryl Crow, Don Henley, Elton John, Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Stevie Nicks, Stone Temple Pilots and Mel Torme. “The ICON can adapt to whatever way I choose to work, allowing me to organize a mix so it’s both convenient and intuitive. The desk has a real quality feel to it, the faders are smooth and responsive, and I love having instant access to the whole range of Pro Tools plug-ins.”

As one of the first major studios to integrate the ICON into its mixing environment, The Village’s steady stream of experienced engineers has also become an indispensable resource for Digidesign’s ICON development team, providing valuable feedback and communication. “Digidesign has always been an exceptionally supportive group to work with,” says Greenberg. “Their people take a very proactive stance and work hard to understand our needs and our working environment. The ICON is a perfect example of a product that goes beyond simply filling a need. It represents a whole new way of working.”

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