Rami Jaffee

Songwriter, Musician, Composer, Producer, Co-owner: Fonogenic Studios
Los Angeles, CA USA

Building a Musical Empire

Ever since breaking into the music scene as the keyboardist for Grammy-winning band The Wallflowers, singer/songwriter, producer and now studio owner, Rami Jaffee has been steadily building his own musical empire. His LA-based Fonogenic Studios features a wide array of traditional and cutting-edge gear including the new Artist Mix and Artist Control.

Digital and Analog Harmony

The centerpiece of my studio is a Trident 80B Mixing Console, and I have the Artist Mix and Artist Control sitting right on top of it. Don’t get me wrong, I love the vintage Trident sound, but the Artist Series controllers give me the flexibility and DAW control I need in a small footprint that complements the Trident perfectly.

The Ultimate Shortcut

Having the Artist Series in my studio has taken the tedium out of mixing. The controllers came ready-to-go with the pre-assigned keys for editing and cutting tools, which was great. Once I wrapped my head around how I was going to integrate them into my workflow, I started customizing the soft keys and making my own. I love the way that I don’t have to touch a keyboard or mouse for the majority of the session except to name tracks - it’s awesome. Since I use various applications depending on who I’m working with and what project it is, Artist Control’s soft keys are also great for various commands that I use all the time but can never remember the keyboard shortcuts for. Once you learn how these controllers work, you can basically drive 80% of any DAW without looking at the manual. It makes my job as both a producer and an engineer a lot easier because all major functions, as well as plug-ins, EQ’s sends and more, are all mapped to the surface.