International European Sales Surge

System 5-MC and MC Pro Deemed Ideal DAW Controller

Avid, a world leader in large-format mixing consoles and control surfaces, is pleased to announce continued strong demand for its MC Pro and System 5-MC line of consoles across Europe.

"Because the System 5-MC is not dedicated to a specific platform or operating system it truly is the ideal DAW workstation for any studio. The controller seamlessly integrates with all major media applications giving the end user incomparable control all at their fingertips," explained Chris Hollebone, Director of European Operations. "We are pleased to see the growing popularity and demand for this product."

German media giant, NDR purchased a System 5-MC with a Nuendo 4 rig for Studio Hamburg, their premier television and film production facility based in Hamburg, Germany. While Paul Van Dyk one of the world's most prolific music producer and DJ took delivery of his System 5-MC for his personal studio located in Berlin.

The Ferme du Biereau in Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium also installed a System 5-MC. A cultural center dedicated to music and literature, the 5-MC will be used for recording and mixing onsite concerts. Moreover Accent Studio purchased a large System 5-MC for their post-production facility located in Moscow.

The System 5-MC is targeted at workstation centric music and audio post-production clients who want a cost-effective, professional workstation surface with the tactile control and visual feedback of a high-end mixing console. As an integrated workstation controller, the System 5-MC console is ideal for television, post and film production as it easily integrates with DAWs such as Pro Tools, Nuendo, Logic Pro, Digital Performer and Pyramix using the high-speed EuCon control protocol over Ethernet.

In Barcelona Estudios Roca purchased a System 5-MC to integrate with both their Nuendo and Pro Tools DAW's. This is the first studio install of this type in Spain. In Dublin, Robi