San Francisco Opera Sings Avid Praises

System5 with DF66 SuperCore Performs Double Duty

Avid announced today that the San Francisco Opera has installed a 108-channel System 5.

This particular System is set up in a very unique way; the control surface is split into two positions. Operating in parallel, 48 faders of the modular console are located in a control room behind the stage and being used as a production console, while the other 32-faders are at the Front of House. The production console engineer performs archival program mixes and production monitor mixes, while the FOH engineer controls microphones that are live to the house.

"In an environment where available space is minimal, and the demands placed on our repertory sound systems continues to grow along with expectations for transparency, reliability and repeatability, System 5's ability to layer, configure and control over 200 I/O's has proved invaluable," explained Max Christensen, Master Audio/Video Engineer for the San Francisco Opera.

Because the system is equipped with the DF66 DSP SuperCore, the two consoles have 100% redundancy as they run in parallel, sharing resources such as DSP and I/O.

Founded in 1923, the San Francisco Opera is one of the largest opera companies in North America. The building itself was built in 1932, seats 3,146 theatre goers, and is home to not only the Opera but the San Francisco Ballet as well.