Studio Hamburg Leads Sales Wave of Avid Installs

Popularity of System 5-MC Integrated DAW Controller Sales Growing Throughout Europe

Avid announced today that Studio Hamburg (, one of Germany's most prominent production and service centers for film and television has installed a System 5-MC integrated DAW controller in their main Nuendo mixing and editing room.

Owned by Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR), Studio Hamburg Post Production GmbH services all aspects of post-production including, video and audio editing, format-conversion, audio mixing and layback. Hamburg Post Production produces virtually all the post-production work for television, film and other productions done by Studio Hamburg GmbH, including Tator (Site of Crime), one of the country's longest running television series.

Studio Hamburg mixer, Christoph Metke who once worked on a dozen separate systems, can now achieve the perfect result using the System 5-MC and a single Nuendo workstation. The console with EuCon protocol allows direct control over all parameters just like a traditional mixing console. The Nuendo DAW not only allows unlimited track count for the sound designer, but also includes sophisticated film style mix automation. Nuendo project files now include the mix as well as the reference video, so the entire completed project is located in one folder on the workstation.

"We finally have a standardized the platform for the exchange of files. More than anything, this reduces the preparation time to configure various systems and backup projects," said Metke. "I am glad we were involved with this new technology from early on as I believe this workflow system will quickly make huge inroads into the industry."

This installation of the System 5- MC with 48 faders is the largest in Germany. Over the course of the next year, the studio's network will be expanded and all workstations throughout Studio Hamburg will be connected to improve the transfer of projects.

"On the creative side, not only does this new technology simplify the mixing of various audio formats but also integrates a host of high-quality effects processors that replaces an arsenal of outboard equipment that has been accumulated over the years. All effects are now part of the project file, and can be quickly be brought up and edited in the future," concluded Metke.

Studio Hamburg represents just one of many System 5-MC recent installations across Europe. In addition to Studio Hamburg, Accent Studios in Moscow, Paul Davies in London, Fundamental Studios in Ireland, Frauhofer Institute in Germany, and VaVaVoom and Wave Studio in Netherlands have all purchased System 5-MC's.

The innovative System 5-MC tightly integrates with DAWs such as Pro Tools, Nuendo, Logic Pro, Digital Performer and Pyramix using the high-speed EuCon control protocol over Ethernet. EuCon Ethernet protocol is the driving force behind the System 5-MC, offering simultaneous control of both multiple applications and multiple workstations. At 250 times the speed and eight times the resolution of MIDI, EuCon elevates the System 5-MC to an unprecedented level of integration with modern DAW's.

The control surface itself features 56 programmable SmartSwitches, eight touch sensitive knobs for plug-in and VST Instrument control, and twin joysticks for surround panning. The control surface can be fitted with 8-48 System 5 channel strips and includes the MC Pro media application controller for master console functions and network control of multiple DAWs. The System 5-MC can work with any application that supports EuCon, HUI or Mackie Control protocol, and can switch between multiple Mac and PC workstations at the push of a button.