Avid Supplies Berlin's Studio Mitte with 32-Fader System 5-MC Integrated DAW Con

Intelligent EuCon Protocol, Tight DAW Integration and Superior Ergonomics All Key to Avid Sale

Avid announced the sale of a 32-fader System 5-MC integrated digital audio workstation (DAW) controller to Studio Mitte in Berlin. System 5-MC combines the award-winning System 5 control surface with the EuCon protocol that enables audio engineers to use whatever software their projects and clients demand from a single console surface.

The purchase through German distributor Peter Wolff Enterprises Elektroakustik was part of a major upgrade and relocation for the Berlin-based film and television post-production studio. Studio Mitte selected the controller for its superior ergonomics, the power and flexibility of the EuCon protocol, and the tight integration with Steinberg's Nuendo. Studio Mitte installed the System 5-MC in just a few days, rather than the weeks it took for other consoles.

"The setup was so smooth that our first project using the System 5-MC, Julie Delpy's film "Two Days in Paris," was edited and mixed while the system was being installed," said Jörg Höhne, Studio Mitte's founder, CEO and re-recording mixer. "With the 5-MC and the advantages afforded by EuCon, we found the perfect, most professional hardware to work with our favorite software."

The System 5-MC's simple setup and tight integration with Nuendo that is prized by Studio Mitte comes courtesy of EuCon. The high-speed Ethernet protocol, a proprietary development of Avid, enables hardware control surfaces to directly communicate with virtually any application, including Pro Tools, Nuendo, Logic Pro and Pyramix. Though EuCon was designed specifically for audio and video software, all that's required to make it work with any application is the simple installation of the EuCon driver on a Mac or PC host. EuCon is even powerful enough to control multiple workstations and applications simultaneously.

"We designed EuCon because today's audio professionals need access to a variety of tools available at their fingertips. This protocol allows artists to focus on their craft without technology dictating the way they work," Martin Kloiber said. "Compared to single-software systems, the System 5-MC provides far more powerful, flexible and cost-effective recording, editing, mixing and control capabilities."

"Two Days" and Studio Mitte's second project on the System 5-MC, "Heimatklänge" from Swiss director Stephan Schwiedter, will premiere at Berlinale, the 57th Berlin International Film Festival. The most recent production on the System 5-MC was the mix for the German documentary "Prinzessinnenbad," produced by Wim Wender's Reverse Angle Factory. Future projects include ongoing sound design and sound post-production for five TV series from Berlin-based animation studio BAF, best known in the U.S. for the satirical animated feature film "Happily N'ever After."

"Though the System 5-MC is relatively new, it works astonishing well and is remarkably stable," Sebastian Morsch, Studio Mitte's supervising sound designer, said. "I respect a company that strives to strengthen their products with regular updates rather than simply pile on features."

The System 5-MC control surface can be fitted with 8-48 channel strips and includes the MC Media Application Controller for master console functions and integral control of the DAWs.