Tim Hatayama

Mixer, Arranger, Engineer, Producer, Composer, Programmer
Los Angeles, CA USA

Master of all Trades

Since earning degrees from both Berklee College of Music and Purdue University , Tim Hatayama has worked with countless top-flight artists and contributed to productions ranging from P. Diddy’s “StarMaker” to American Idol.

Prior to moving to Los Angeles, Tim worked for Orange Records in Taiwan, not only arranging, recording and mixing major-label artists, but also contributing his formidable multi-instrumental and programming skills to chart-climbing releases throughout Asia. A true, multifaceted artist, Tim recently added a Artist Mix to control the various audio applications in his studio.

Sculpting Sound with Artist Mix

I've kind of built my reputation as a fast draw on keyboard and mouse. People have somehow seemed amazed that I could get around on these rather than faders and knobs.

But I must say that since I've gotten the Artist Mix, my mixes have improved tremendously. The tactile control lets me touch the music I work on, as if I'm a sculptor. So far I have not done any mixes without the Artist Mix, and my automation depends on it. Fader rides seem more fluid and spot on. 

The form factor is also a plus - I love how it's sleek and minimalistic, uncluttered but still user-friendly. I have not run into another control surface as portable and light weight with the same amount of functions. Between the Creative Sound Solutions Studio at CBS Television City and my home studio, it's only one small control and 2 cables. 

Artist Mix also has a super low learning curve. I get so busy with work that the last thing I want to think about is learning a new piece of gear. But I was surprised how intuitive it was. If all that doesn't convince you, try their first-class support!