Ulrich Wild

Engineer, Mixer, Producer, Owner: Noize In the Attic Studio
Hollywood, CA USA

Death Metal Mixer Sees The Light

Working his way up the recording studio ranks- first as an intern and then as a second, accomplished independent engineer and producer, Ulrich Wild always knew consoles were his life. But when the business model changed and budgets were slashed and records had to be produced more economically he knew he needed to adapt his mixing style. So Ulrich put together an inexpensive mixing rig in his home. After discovering how good the quality of the first few mix projects was, he invested further, and what started out as a makeshift project room has now turned into his main mixing facility.

The Artist Series accommodates my working style

I used to be an SSL guy. I mixed countless projects on huge boards. Everything was always very hands-on, and when I finally switched to mixing in the box I needed faders. Prior to the Artist Series I had used other MIDI based control surfaces. They were sufficient, at best, as long as I just wanted to use the faders and the pan knobs but I always had the feeling that the resolution wasn’t there. Using any other features was very cumbersome. Once I switched to the Artist Series, my productivity increased dramatically; I no longer had to fight my tools. This is crucial, as I want to be able to focus entirely on the music. The Artist Series is transparent and accommodates my working style. All the features I use work extremely well and are readily accessible. The Artist Series integrates seamlessly with Logic and Pro Tools.

Looking up to Big Brother

It’s pretty clear that the Artist Series borrows heavily from its bigger siblings, which is great – there are a lot of the System 5 design ideas in the Artist Mix. It allows the Artist Series to be an extremely capable and mature control surface. With its sleek design and small footprint it’s a perfect match between performance and size, and ideal for my studio. Having the Artist Series as part of my set up at this point is essential for my work.

The Need for Speed

I love having the Artist Series in my studio. I work very quickly and having the right tools at my disposal is a prerequisite. I’m used to rapidly setting up a mix and pushing a lot of faders around. Being able to easily navigate a large session with the help of the soft keys greatly enhances my workflow. As the song comes to life, I start working on the details. Having a control surface that is thoughtfully laid out helps me access all the parameters and plug-ins quickly.

Changing the way I work and loving it

Automating my mixes with the Artist Series is a breeze. I’m especially fond of flipping the faders in order to automate the Aux sends. The fine fader resolution lets me write very smooth and detailed automation passes and the feedback from the OLEDs is very informative. Being able to program the soft keys and lay them out to enhance my workflow is a feature that has changed the way I work. It’s so fast and so intuitive that I don’t know how I ever mixed in-the-box without it.

With the help of the Artist Series, I have now successfully left the large format analog mixing boards behind. I’m doing my best work now and I will probably never mix on a large console again.