Vincent di Pasquale

Music Producer, Remixer
Miami, FL USA

Remix Miami Style

Vincent di Pasquale is a multi-platinum music producer/remixer based out of Miami, Florida.  Over the past decade he has quietly garnered much attention working on projects for many of today's top artists.  Although classically trained on both piano and guitar, Vincent gravitated early towards electronic music and the sounds of computer-based production techniques.  Today, in addition to his busy studio schedule, Vincent is very active as an in-demand educator for S.A.E. Institute Miami where he is a special guest lecturer teaching an advanced sequencing course.

Current Projects

I just finished my second remix from Madonna's Hard Candy album for the track "Miles Away"  which I did under the new ReBirth moniker.  I am also working on remixes for Chris Cornell's upcoming album that was produced by Timbaland. One of the things I am most excited about is a new project called "Remix it Like A Record" which is an advanced remixing course I am creating in collaboration with DJ Steven Lee (Lee Cabrera) and Charles Dye.  The concept is to setup cameras in the studio and let others essentially "sit shotgun" as we work on a project together.  For the first course, we will be remixing a song by Nadia Ali (Iio) so I am very excited about that.

Artist Series in the Studio

I have a Artist Control and an Artist Mix that are the centerpiece of a synth station where i do most of my synth programming and sound design. The cinema display there shares the signal of two computers so it can be the 2nd screen of the main studio DAW, or it can be switched to a totally separate DAW  on a second computer so I can do separate production tasks. I also have a System 5-MC controller and since both the System-5 MC and the Artist Series utilize the EuCon protocol, which is Ethernet-based, the whole studio has one network connecting any computer to either the System-5 MC OR the Artist Series surfaces.  So I can choose to attach any computer to either surface.  It really is flexible.

Listen to the Mix

Without a doubt the Artist Series has opened up a world previously unattainable by many.  The amount of control, flexibility, speed and overall feel of the surface, it really is a powerful mixing solution and the portability and ease of setup/use makes it useful in many ways larger surfaces are not. One of the biggest negative factors about working "in the box" is that you are constantly LOOKING at the music you are creating.  The Artist Series frees you from this and lets you go back to critically LISTENING to what is happening. 

The Musical Dream

I am actively involved in many educational aspects of the audio industry and I am passionate about sharing my experience with aspiring artists and producers.  I think overall it is a very exciting time for people to be making music. Never before has the process been more accessible and affordable for anyone with a musical dream. The Artist Series is a true testament that you can get high quality, cutting edge equipment without taking out a loan!