Universal Sports Network to Host Daily Winter Olympic Programming Remotely

Avid Audio System Gives Universal Sports' Westlake Village Studios Unprecedented Broadcasting Flexibility

Feb 9th, 2010

In less than a week, Universal Sports will debut Universal Sports at the Vancouver Games, delivering five hours of live daily news and information, as well as continuous news and results, throughout the 2010 Olympic Winter Games.  Universal Sports will use the audio mixing system and a high-performance digital router to give its Westlake Village Studios in California, as well as remote production sets in Vancouver and Whistler, the best solution for its broadcasting needs.

Using advanced digital television technology and long-distance broadband optical and satellite communication paths, the Westlake Village Studios will operate as the central production and broadcast center, connecting with the two on-site remotes, for live and recorded programming for Universal Sports at the Vancouver Games throughout the entire Games. The programming will consists of five, one-hour daily shows during the Games, combining production and talent between the Westlake set, as well sets in Vancouver and Whistler, Canada. Universal Sports’ Westlake Village Studios is one of the most advanced and comprehensive independent HD production facilities in the United States.

 We’re thrilled with the technology behind the Avid systems and look forward to providing our viewers with an entertaining and informative look at the Winter Games through the eyes of our expert analysts and reporters from our three core locations
Claude Ruibal, Universal Sports Chairman and CEO

In a unique use of cutting-edge broadcast and communications technology, Westlake Village Studios has connected multiple Universal Sports HD cameras, audio feeds, production and talent communications systems, tally signals and routing control, bi-directionally across optical fiber from Westlake Village, Calif. to Vancouver, allowing USN to place cameras, microphones and talent in the field at various event locations in Vancouver, and tape, edit, add voiceover and graphics content and broadcast from California as if studio facilities, production personnel and millions of dollars of studio equipment were onsite in Vancouver,” said Westlake Village Studios’ Broadcast Engineer, Ken Hirsch.

At the centerpiece of Westlake Village Studios is an 106-channel System 5-B digital audio mixing system and high-performance MADI Studio Hub digital router that will provide the majority of mixing and routing functions for around-the-clock programming. The Avid SH612 studio facilities router integrates the digital audio console router frame with the main broadcast facility router to provide additional flexibility for Westlake’s main production control room, a second full-featured video and audio production suite, seven post production/editorial rooms and two voice-over booths.