Definition of Activation ID and System ID

Activation ID

Avid uses a unique Avid Activation ID (sometimes known as Serial Number) to unlock the software during the initial activation process. As part of the Avid Unified Licensing platform, the first two digits of Avid Activation IDs are specifically coded to identify the product that the Activation key will activate. For example, MCxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx denotes the activation code for Media Composer software. Each unique Activation ID also carries specific entitlement information (product, version, and number of activations).

Examples of Activation IDs for products using Avid Unified Licensing platform:


Activation-ID Prefix




Media Composer  Dolby AC3 Feature


Media Composer

Base Product 


News Cutter

Base Product 



Base Product 



Language Pack



Base Product 





System ID

Avid uses a unique Avid System ID to identify a group of software and/or hardware components that operate together. The System ID is also used to track the history of the system as your software is updated and upgraded. System ID’s are also used by Avid Customer Support to identify your support contract.  System IDs are required for system registration.  Note that not all Avid products utilize a System ID.  

How to find your Activation ID and/or System ID

The Avid Activation ID is typically located inside of the software packaging, on the inside cover of the User Guide, on the DVD label, or on a separate activation card or entitlement certificate. When purchasing software on the Avid web store, the Activation ID is provided within your Avid web store account at or via email as part of your purchase. Avid Activation IDs are alpha numeric, with the format varying between product sets. Avid products that use the new Avid Unified Licensing platform will utilize Activation IDs in the format of PPxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx, where the first two characters denote the specific product to be activated.

The Avid System ID (for products that utilize them) is typically located on an Avid-labeled sticker affixed to either the associated hardware (for a hardware/software bundle) provided activation card, or to the outside of the software packaging (for a software only purchase). The Avid System ID can be 9 to 12 characters in length. System IDs under the Unified Licensing platform are an 11-digit number (no characters).

For web purchases, both the Activation ID and System ID will be displayed as part of the web download process and this information will be stored in your web account.

For Hardware Keys, the System ID and Hardware Key serial number are printed on the Hardware Key tag labeled "PC System ID and Serial Number.” If you have lost the tag, go here for a step-by-step procedure for obtaining the System ID and Hardware Key serial number using our Dongle Manager utility.

How to activate Avid software

Most Avid software can be activated within the client using the client UI. However, direct in-client activation requires  the software to be connected to the internet during the activation process. Avid also offers the ability to activate offline by requesting an activation from a separate internet connected machine. For offline software activation, visit Note that Activation IDs using the Unified Licensing format are not case sensitive.

Deactivation of Avid software

For those cases where the customer needs to move a node locked license (a license tied to a specific hardware device) to another machine, Avid offers the customer the ability to deactivate the product (which breaks the link between that activation and a specific machine) and then re-activate the product on another device. This capability is especially useful during a hardware upgrade. It is important to note that Avid does not support offline deactivations, which means that deactivations can only be performed when the device is connected to the internet. Deactivations from a device which is no longer operating (due to catastrophic hardware failure) requires a call to Avid Customer Support (no support contract required). Note: For some Avid products, Deactivation of the base software will also automatically deactivate all associated features.

Activation support after product End-Of-Life

Avid supports software activations for products up to 5 years after the announced end-of-sale date.