Why Work at Avid

Our team
What makes us different from our competitors? Our employees. We expect creativity, passion, dedication, and innovation from everyone, as we all work towards one common purpose—our customers’ success.

Growth opportunities
Working on amazing products and being an industry leader is highly engaging. In this fast-paced environment, you’ll be exposed to different facets of the business allowing you to develop skills that can be used cross-functionally. From Avid Sales University to leadership training, we’re committed to promoting our employees’ success.

We build industry-leading solutions
The audio and video products we create enable our customers to revolutionize the art of creative storytelling, resulting in prominent awards and recognitions—including Grammys®, Emmys®, Oscars®, and more.

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Who succeeds at Avid?
Our employees have personal accountability and tackle challenges with a high sense of urgency. They are passionate, driven, talented, and high-potential individuals. And we engage, develop, and reward high-performing employees. Avid’s success comes as a direct result of our employees’ success.

If you’re ready to undertake new challenges, check out our Careers At Avid page.

Employee Testimonials

Want to know what it’s like to work here? We asked some of our employees, and here’s what they say about their experience:

“One unique characteristic of Avid is that it has a very high percentage of returning employees—people who left the company at one point or another and chose to come back. I happen to be one of these returning employees. My personal experience is that Avid offers a rare combination of passionate, highly dedicated employees, a great work environment, cool products, and even cooler customers.  This unique combination just can’t be found anywhere else but Avid.

Upon joining Avid, I surprisingly discovered the high energy and shared vision of a start-up—not what you’d expect from a 25 year-old industry leading company! Avid invented many of the product categories that it leads today, and now with the Avid Everywhere vision and the Avid MediaCentral Platform, the company is doing it all over again.  That’s why I chose to be part of Avid, to help make the technology that will drive the media and entertainment industry towards its very bright, creative, efficient, and profitable future.”
—Ray Gilmartin, Senior Director, Broadcast & Media Segment and Product Marketing

“Working at Avid has been an exciting and rewarding experience. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to immerse myself with people and technology that I love in an industry where I am extremely passionate. At Avid, I have the opportunity to learn, grow, and explore new ideas that help me strive to perform at my greatest potential.”
—Mandy Clark, Customer Success Manager

“I’m a long-time Pro Tools user, and working at Avid allows me to see and test all the current and new features of Pro Tools before everyone else. It’s pretty cool to be able to work and improve on software that I actually use in my own home studio!”
—Steve Braverman, Software Test Engineer

“Working at Avid is like having the best toy chest. You get to play with the coolest toys and build the greatest products. On top of that, you get to work with the most illustrious customers, picking up the phone and talking to the leading experts in their fields. Where else do you get to do that?”
—Shailendra Mathur, Senior Director of Engineering

“Working at Avid has been a great experience for me. I find my CS (customer success) co-workers to be people that I respect and enjoy spending time with. Our customers are not just customers but peers and fellow creative people who like us want to make a difference. That’s why it’s truly my pleasure to be of service to the customers I help every day. Helping them is like helping out my friends contributing to benefit of a greater creative community.”
—Louis Hinton, Customer Success Expert

“Being a part of Avid, it’s hard not to feel a great sense of pride in how the work that has taken place here has changed the film, television, and recording industries in such a profound way. There are a lot of tech jobs out there, but very few that have the same kind of connection to the popular movies, TV shows, and music that become such a big part of our shared experience.”
—Matt Feury, Director of Pro Video Segment & Product Marketing

“We build products that are actually fun to write about! I am always awed when I learn about customer workflows and what they can accomplish with our tools—from TV shows, to the Olympic broadcasts, to blockbuster movies.
—Marianne Rodrigues, Workflow Leads Technical Publications

“I love working at Avid because I get to work for the industry leader that drives my passion for technology and music. Each day, I’m surrounded by people who share the same sentiment for the products we make, and the value they add to our industry. I get to work with the coolest gadgets in the world and help customers who have that same zeal for what we create at the intersection of music and technology.”
—Will Duran, Customer Success Specialist