Satellite Technology: Simple Sync

 We are using Satellite Link & Video Satellite LE. They are EXCELLENT, have changed the way we work and allow us to be more creative... Also, we saved over $30,000 in external synchronizers. Even better, we lock up in under 10 Frames! Our last project's director was blown away with our speed and flow... A truly great product.
Marty Humphrey C.A.S. Owner and Lead Mixer The Dub Stage — Burbank, C

Synchronizing multiple Pro Tools|HD systems and an HD non-linear picture source with an external 3rd party LTC/9 Pin synchronizer can be expensive, confusing to setup and sub-optimal for creating a fast and fluid workflow. Satellite Technology can help lower your costs, make set up easier and provide greater functionality. Now, you can sync up to 12 Pro Tools|HD systems (or 11 systems with the 12th satellite CPU acting as your HD picture playback source) for a fraction of the cost of a hardware synchronizer, using a simple Ethernet network.

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Satellite Link: Synchronize Multiple Pro Tools
Link Multiple Pro Tools|HD Systems to act as one. Satellite Link is a powerful software option that allows you to synchronize, scrub, loop and control up to twelve Pro Tools|HD systems as if they were one, with near sample-accurate lock. Any of the transports can play, stop and more. This is accomplished without you having to purchase any additional hardware. It also allows solo linking capabilities. It’s the perfect solution for post-production mixing with multiple operators and multiple Pro Tools|HD systems.
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Video Satellite: Simply Synchronize Pro Tools with Avid Media Composer
Video Satellite allows you to quickly and easily play Avid HD or SD video sequences from a dedicated computer running Avid Media Composer software in sync with your Pro Tools session, saving tons of time by not needing to transcode, render or lay off to tape and then re-digitize. It allows you to maintain the full track count and processing power of Pro Tools|HD and enables you to tap into Avid shared media environments to stream HD video.
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Video Satellite LE: HD QuickTime playback as a virtual deck
To play HD or SD QuickTime movies while preserving the full power of your Pro Tools|HD system’s track count and processing, Video Satellite LE is the tool of choice. It simply offloads the Video playback to a separate computer with Pro Tools LE and syncs over a simple Ethernet connection. It can also be used with a Blackmagic video card.
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