Script-based Editing Option

MC Scriptsync

Take script-based projects to a whole new level with ScriptSync, a unique software option for the Media Composer family of film and video-editing products, Symphony finishing systems, and NewsCutter family of news-editing products. ScriptSync accelerates your editing by phonetically indexing text and dialog and then "syncing" source clips automatically with the script itself. Once synchronized, you can find the best performance instantly by quickly comparing takes in context of the story.

Ideal for documentaries, interviews, reality TV, feature films, or any project with scripted or transcribed dialog, ScriptSync enables you to effortlessly locate all takes of any dialog line, eliminating hours of routine work, so you can find what you need up to 30 times faster.

A Note to Current ScriptSync Users—Starting with Media Composer 5, Symphony 5, and NewsCutter 9, ScriptSync will be offered as a separate, purchasable option. If you’ve been using ScriptSync in previous releases, you’ll get a new license for the ScriptSync option—free—when you upgrade to any of the above releases. When we ship new versions in the future, we’ll provide you with upgrade paths for our editing software and ScriptSync. So, the first one’s on us—enjoy it!

 "ScriptSync is… an absolute necessity when I'm editing scripted shows. Every producer and director should know that Avid offers this capability – and that no other system can even come close."
Stuart Bass, editor, 2006 Emmy Award nominee and ACE Eddie Award winner

Key Benefits

  • Accelerate your edit by synchronizing source clips to the script (or transcript) automatically using phonetic indexing of text and dialog
  • Gain access to all dailies associated with a program, regardless of where clips exist
  • Locate footage easily based on scene number, page number, word, or phrase
  • Quickly compare multiple performances of a given line to find that "perfect" take
  • Create a “radio cut” from a transcript as easily as copy/paste
  • Use indexed scripts on legacy Avid editing systems


  • Software option for Media Composer 5 , Symphony 5 and NewsCutter 9
  • Powered by phonetic indexing technology from Nexidia, Inc.
  • Works on Mac and Windows systems
  • Supports any script or transcript saved as a text (.txt) file
  • Provides unprecedented accuracy in speech recognition
  • Supports US English, UK English, Arabic, Dutch, German, and Latin American Spanish languages (additional languages under testing)