What is AMT?

The Avid MediaToolkit is designed to greatly ease the process of creating and reading Avid OP-Atom media files and exchanging them with an Avid Interplay workgroup environment. The toolkit will be particularly useful to those solutions partners looking for an alternative to Interplay Transfer for material ingest, for example as part of a file-based workflow. Similarly, the toolkit could be used to access Avid media for other purposes, for example to bring material captured using Avid AirSpeed or similar into a graphics environment or to access consolidated sequences. An important factor that distinguishes AMT from other MXF and similar toolkits is that the media essence that will be stored in the clip does not need to be supplied in the target media format.

The Program

The APIs and SDKs are made available pursuant to a Software Development Kit License Agreement from Avid and will typically include the relevant code, documentation, and a sample implementation. Licensing of the SDKs is subject to Avid’s approval and discretion. The Avid Media Toolkit greatly eases the process of creating and reading Avid MXF OP-Atom media files and exchanging files with an Avid Interplay environment.

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