Avid Announces New Versions of Interplay Production and AirSpeed Multi Stream; Enhances Open and Collaborative Workflows

NAB (Booth #SU902), LAS VEGAS, 2011-04-10

Avid® (NASDAQ: AVID), today announced new versions of Interplay® (2.4) Production asset management system, and AirSpeed® Multi Stream (1.8).  Reinforcing Avid’s commitment to providing open, collaborative and agile workflows, these latest offerings speed news production and enable more efficient remote collaboration and the ability to work with media over Wide Area Network (WAN) connections—allowing editors, producers, journalists, and assistants to work with media at any time, from any location.

New Workflow Speed and Flexibility in Interplay Production 2.4

The Interplay Production 2.4 release heightens WAN workflow speed and interoperability, and boosts system efficiency with support for third party media transcode and transport applications. Enhancements in this latest release include:

  • Interplay Delivery support for high speed transfers: Enables high-throughput transfers and allows third-party providers to directly connect to the Interplay Delivery service.  This makes better use of existing bandwidth and allows customers greater choice.
  • Scheduled Delete: Allows the regular process of media deletion to occur during off-peak hours, raising system utilization and expanding the workflow production window.
  • Direct Streaming: Speeds proxy-based workflows with the ability to stream native Low-Res H.264 files through the Interplay Access media tool and eliminate the publish step.

Expanded Capability in AirSpeed Multi Stream 1.8

AirSpeed Multi Stream 1.8 introduces significantly expanded capability for local news production and is a key enabler of the NewsVision™ 2.0 solution (announced today in a separate release). AirSpeed Multi Stream v1.8 can provide flexible, high-capacity video ingest and playback directly with Avid Media Composer® and NewsCutter® editors and ISIS® 5000 shared storage, or in conjunction with any Interplay Production environment. Release highlights are:

  • Four channels of real time ingest directly to Avid ISIS shared storage.
  • FrameChase™ Editing: Users can edit media as it is being captured by AirSpeed Multi Stream.
  • Real time or faster Send to Playback.
  • Studio Send to Playback: In one operation, users can automatically send sequences to multiple AirSpeed Multi Stream servers for increased availability and playback operations flexibility.
  • Built-in Playlist functionality enables users to modify live playlists, loop playlists, and easily accommodate mixed media encoding and formats.


Interplay (2.4) Production asset management system and AirSpeed Multi Stream (1.8) are expected to be available in Q2 2011. Pricing for the Interplay Production asset management system starts at $49,995 GRP, and pricing for AirSpeed Multi Stream starts at $30,000 GRP.

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