AT16 A-Net Output Card


AT16 anet output cardIntegrate Aviom Pro16 Series personal mixers and devices with your Avid live sound system. The AT16 A-Net Output Card is an option for the SC48 console, Mix Rack System, or Stage 48 remote I/O box that enables you to transmit up to 16 channels of audio from your console to an unlimited number of Aviom personal mixer stations for artist-controlled mixing.

You can use up to two AT16 A-Net Output Cards with a Mix Rack System to create multiple, discrete 16-channel networks, or a single card with an SC48 console.


  • Transmits up to 16 channels of 24-bit/48 kHz audio to an unlimited number of Aviom Pro16 Series devices
  • Get integrated software control of all A-Net parameters, including channel linking and Test mode
  • Auto Link feature automatically links channel pairs across all personal mixers—no fussing with screwdrivers or tiny DIP switches
  • Get instant visual feedback and verification of signal routing through signal presence LEDs
  • Locking Neutrik EtherCon jack accepts a conventional or ruggedized RJ45 connector


With the AT16 A-Net Output Card, you can transmit up to 16 discrete channels of high-quality, 24-bit/48 kHz audio from nearly any signal point of your system to Aviom Pro16 Series receiving devices.

Full Compatibility with Aviom Pro16 Series Devices

The AT16 A-Net Output Card is fully compatible with Aviom Pro16 Series devices, including the popular Aviom A-16II Personal Mixer, making it ideal for house of worship, theater, and touring applications. The card transmits a 16-channel signal stream via a single, affordable CAT-5e Ethernet cable to an unlimited number of Aviom devices, which can be daisy-chained together to provide monitoring for the largest ensembles.

Tight Integration with VENUE Software

Because the card integrates completely with VENUE 2.6 or higher software (the common software platform shared by all Avid live sound systems), it’s easy to set up, change, and control all of the signal sources going out to the Aviom network. Simply select signal sources in the VENUE software Patchbay for transmission to all connected Aviom devices. You can also speed up sound checks by using VENUE Standalone software to pre-configure your SC48 or Mix Rack System.

Learn more about VENUE software

Unique Auto Link Feature

Imagine no longer having to futz with tiny DIP switches to create stereo links. The AT16 A-Net Output Card offers a unique Auto Link feature that automatically links channel pairs across all connected Aviom personal mixers when you patch a stereo source using the VENUE software Patchbay. Channel Link settings are stored within VENUE software show files, ensuring easy settings recall with the highest degree of repeatability right from the software.

Unprecedented Signal Present Feedback

The AT16 A-Net Output Card is the only interface card of its kind to feature 16 signal presence LEDs, so you won’t be kept in the dark about your signal routing. The LEDs give you instant visual feedback for each of the 16 channels, letting you know if there’s a signal present on the channel, if the channel’s muted, or if the channel is in test mode, making verification of your signal routing easy.

Monitoring Flexibility

Expand your monitoring options by installing up to two AT16 A-Net Output Cards in a Mix Rack to create multiple, discrete, 16-channel networks (SC48 supports a single AT16 Card). For example, you can set up one 16-channel monitoring network for the band and use another one for remote broadcast distribution. The card also features a locking Neutrik EtherCon jack, which can accept a standard or ruggedized RJ45 connector.