Automation Archive Manager


Providing an intelligent interface between Avid FastBreak Automation Solutions and popular archive management middleware, the Automation Archive Manager works seamlessly with products from SGL, Front Porch Digital, Masstech, and others.

Key Features

File Storage Management
Automation Archive Manager controls movement of media between a video server and a near-line disk array or archive storage system.

Flexible Rules
The SQL-based Avid automation databases give users significant flexibility in making archiving decisions. Business rules can be set to move files based on metadata carried in the tables. For example, a user can set elements to be transferred off the video server according to their “last aired” date or their presence on a current playlist. Making the storage, retrieval, and deletion processes more efficient, elements can be organized into predefined groups.

Automated Retrieval
Retrieval can be triggered by the ingest of a new list or by the appearance of an element in the current playlist.

Middleware Interoperability
Managers can now choose the most appropriate and cost-effective server/archive combination to meet a facility's requirements. The Automation Archive Manager application communicates with middleware archive software to execute "pull from", "send to" and "delete from" requests to near-line storage.

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