C|24 TRS/LE Cable Kit

The C|24 TRS/LE Cable Kit includes all the cables you need to connect a C|24 control surface to either a Pro Tools|HD system with a HD I/O 8x8x8 audio interface, or a Pro Tools LE system. This 13-cable kit includes the following cables:

DB25–XLR Male cable

DB25–XLR Male cable (1)

Includes one 12-foot cable to connect:

  • 5.1 Control Room Out (Monitor section)

DB25–XLR Male cable

DB25–XLR Female cable (2)

Includes two 12-foot cables to connect:

  • Mic Inputs 1–8 (preamps)
  • Mic Inputs 9–16 (preamps)

DB25–TRS cable

DB25–TRS cable (10)

Includes seven 12-foot cables to connect:

  • Pro Tools Input (Monitor section)
  • Surround Input (Monitor section)
  • Line Outputs 1–8 (mic/line/DI preamps)
  • Line Outputs 9–16 (mic/line/DI preamps)
  • Submixer Inputs 1–4 (line submixer)
  • Submixer Inputs 5–8 (line submixer)
  • Ext Stereo Inputs
  • Cue Outputs 
  • Line/DI Inputs 1–8
  • Line/DI Inputs 9–16