Control|24 TRS DigiSnake Kit


Complete, TRS-only Custom Cable Kit Package for Control|24

Control|24™ is a control surface for professional Pro Tools systems designed by Focusrite. Combining an ergonomic, 24-fader control surface with 16 high-quality mic preamps based on the Platinum line of processors from Focusrite, Control|24 provides a sophisticated front end for Pro Tools TDM systems.

And now, with the Control|24 TRS DigiSnake Kit, Digidesign offers a complete and affordable way to hook up this versatile control surface to your Pro Tools system.

Featuring 7 D-sub to TRS cables, the Control|24 TRS DigiSnake Kit allows you to connect Control|24 to your Pro Tools audio interfaces or studio gear quickly and easily. All the cable snakes in this package are custom-colored and custom-labeled, are all 25 feet in length, and come with a lifetime warranty.

Digidesign Cable Descriptions

DigiSnake Cable Configurations