D-Fi is a family of four unique plug-ins—Lo-Fi, Sci-Fi, Recti-Fi, and Vari-Fi—providing tools for creative sound design. Lo-Fi provides bit-reduction for retro sound processing without the expense of retro equipment. Sci-Fi adds analog synth-type ring modulation, frequency modulation, and variable frequency resonators. Recti-Fi provides super- and sub-harmonic synthesis And Vari-Fi allows processing of disk files to create the effect of audio changing speed to or from a complete stop.

D-Fi comes bundled with Pro Tools and Pro Tools HD software.



  • Variable amplitude noise generator
  • Sample rate reduction
  • Sample size reduction
  • Anti-aliasing control
  • Soft clipping distortion and saturation


  • Ring modulator
  • Frequency modulation
  • Positive and negative resonator
  • Modulation control by LFO, envelope follower, sample-and-hold, and trigger-and-hold


  • Full wave rectifier
  • Sub-harmonic synthesizer
  • Pre-filter for adjusting effect frequency
  • Post-filter for smoothing generated waveform


  • Speed up from a complete stop to normal speed
  • Slow down to a complete stop from normal speed

System requirements

  • Qualified Avid audio or video system:
    • Pro Tools|HDX (AAX DSP/Native)
    • Pro Tools|HD Native or other Pro Tools system running Pro Tools 10 or higher software (AAX Native)
    • Pro Tools, Pro Tools HD, Media Composer, Symphony, or NewsCutter software/system (RTAS and/or AudioSuite)
    • Pro Tools|HD or Pro Tools|HD Accel (TDM)
    • Pro Tools LE, M-Powered or Pro Tools 9 (RTAS)
    • VENUE system (TDM VENUE)
  • iLok USB Smart Key (for authorization; not included)


OSAAX DSP (32-and 64-bit)AAX Native (32-and 64-bit)TDM HD AccelTDM HDVENUE AAXTDM VENUERTASAudioSuite
Mac OS X    
Windows 7 and 8    
Windows XP      

Maximum supported sample rate: 192 kHz