Digital Delivery Management System

Easily manage the movement of digital media from cache servers to the playback servers at broadcast facilities with the Digital Delivery Management System (DDMS). Choose the Digital Delivery Management Engine (DDME) to add hardware and a copy of Rhozet Carbon Coder for transcoding.

Key Features

True File-Based Workflow
DDMS automates the critical job of integrating digital file metadata into the automation media database. The system also makes it easy for an Operator to simply “drag and drop” a file that resides on a cache to a placeholder in the automation media database. DDMS is compatible with Flip Factory from Telestream, Carbon Coder from Rhozet and CatchBLUE from Masstech.

Program Delivery

CatchBLUE version 7.5 SE
CatchBLUE is a ­media aggregator for file based media services from satellite or IP including comprehensive integration with DG FastChannel® Spot Box HD Xtreme™ and PathFire® Digital Media Gateway™ and is the first solution to fully support the new PitchBlue™ syndicated content delivery service and Javelin advertising content delivery. Content is aggregated from all sources and then moved automatically to speci­fied locations throughout the facility including nearline disk storage and video servers. CatchBLUE has been independently tested to be 3 to 4 times faster than available solutions on the market today, saving clients the need for more hardware when volume transcoding is required. It is the only transcoding solution on the market that can make ITU adjustments on the same path as the target transcode. All other solutions require multiple passes. CatchBLUE creates low resolution proxies, re-wraps and transcodes content automatically along the way to its final destination.

DDMS integrates tightly with the Pathfire delivery service. Working with both their Automation Connect and Server Connect software, DDMS recognizes material on the Pathfire DMG Cache and registers the descriptive metadata. If the media is needed for airplay, DDMS will initiate the transfer to the video server, attaching the facility house number. The metadata is interpreted and the details are transcribed into the FastBreak automation database. Sub-clipping, barter spot and break information is coded into the database with native house numbering. DDMS integrates with the transcoder built in to the Pathfire system.

Pitch Blue
Working with Pitch Blue’s native delivery tools to recognize media and metadata on the cache, DDMS works with the transcoding service included with the Pitch Blue cache server for SD material, and Flip Factory from Telestream as well as Carbon Coder from Rhozet for HD material. When FastBreak indicates that the media is needed, DDMS will initiate and monitor the transfer to the video server. The metadata is interpreted and details are transcribed into the automation database. All sub-clipping, barter and break information is coded into the automation database with native house numbering.

Spot Delivery

Managing the movement of media from various commercial cache servers, DDMS is fully compliant with the workflow defined in both legacy and contemporary DG systems Spot Box cache servers. It works seamlessly with the built-in Server and Automation Connect services in their latest systems. Other spot delivery systems are supported. Depending on the capabilities of the cache, automated and “drag and drop” functionality can be executed. (Please check with your Avid broadcast account manager for details.)

Extending the functionality of DDMS, the Digital Delivery Management Engine (DDME) package includes a full copy of DDMS as well as a fully qualified server and a copy of Rhozet Carbon Coder. Digital transfer functionality is maximized with Carbon Coder handling the both the delivery and playback formats.

Ready for the Future
DDMS and DDME are ideally poised to capitalize on the rapidly-escalating growth of non-realtime commercial and program delivery.

More Resources

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