DSO Card


DSO CardExpand your D-Show or Profile System with additional digital outputs. The DSO (Digital Stage Output) Card is an option for the Stage Rack that adds eight channels of digital outputs. Get simultaneous access to the eight digital outputs through the card's four two-chchannel AES/EBU XLR connectors as well as its ADAT TOSLINK optical connector. Plus, get instant verification of left/right signal presence through a pair of LEDs for each of the four stereo XLR connectors.

You can install up to six DSO Cards into a single Stage Rack for a total of 48 digital output channels, or mix and match with other Stage Rack option cards to customize your output.


  • Eight digital output channels through four two-channel AES/EBU XLR3-male connectors, with left/right signal presence LEDs per connector
  • Eight channels of ADAT optical digital outputs through a single ADAT TOSLINK connector
  • Provides simultaneous output to both AES/EBU and ADAT optical connections
  • Automatic muting for system protection
  • Signal and Mute LEDs for each AES/EBU channel pair


AES Digital Outputs
Connector (x4) XLR3-M
Format AES 3 (AES/EBU)
Word Length 24-bit
Impedance 110 Ohm
Level ~3.6Vpp maximum (i.e., +/- 1.8V)
Sample Rate 48 kHz (no sample rate conversion)
Channel Status Info Pro Audio 48k, No Emphasis
Dithering No
ADAT Digital Outputs
Connector TOSLINK Optical
Format ADAT, 8-channel
Word Length 24-bit
Sample Rate 48 kHz (no sample rate conversion)
Dithering No
Signal LEDs (AES pairs 1/2 – 7/8)
Red Hardware mute (automatically during power-up and power-down, or via the Mute All Stage Output action)
Green Signal present